6 Healthy Ways to Manage and Prevent Stress

Life is always on the move and thus stress too catches up with us. Let’s face the truth, Stress has made you get irritated, anxious, frustrated, annoyed and what not, much more easily than usual. In addition to that, you are unable to stick to your time plan, unable to behave the same way with people and unable to focus better on whatever you do. In short, it has wreaked havoc in your lifestyle.


Thus, it is important to start managing stress, or even better, to prevent stress right this instant. So here are 6 healthy ways to prevent stress that I’ve been following for a long time now and have given me a chance to better my lifestyle once again by making me completely stress-free. Here they are;

Yoga Helps Reduce Stress

My favorite. I practice it every day and I just cannot think what could happen to me if I did not do it even for a single day. I practice it in the morning daily for about 30 minutes. The yogasanas, or the yogic techniques I follow are pranayama and meditation and if possible the Sun Salutation too. It works wonders, completely relaxes your mind and body and puts you in the right gear to work efficiently throughout the day.

Stress Relieving Music

This method you can follow at anytime and anyplace. Soft rock, classical music or maybe the sounds of the nature are best suggested and can work wonders in a very short time. The sound of the rustling of leaves, the gentle breeze, and the oceanic waves will relax you and calm you down in a jiffy. You’ll start to look at things in a better way.

Deep Breathing Exercises

They not only help you manage stress but also prevent it in the long run. As the name suggests, deep breathing exercises should be done with closed eyes and inhaling to your maximum and releasing slowly. It affects your entire body, calms your mind, and makes you feel better physically. How? It delivers more oxygen to the cells and when there’s more oxygen, you prevent stress. See more on it here.

Mild Exercise Relieves Stress

Jogging or running for a short time can keep you more active and prevent stress. It activates your mind, helps supply more oxygen and beats stress. Jogging early in the morning everyday is best recommended to keep you stress-free for the entire day. About 20 minutes is the best suggested time.

Positive Thinking Prevents Stress

It sounds pretty tough to follow, given the negative energy of other people around us but it ain’t. Whatever you do, it is important that you think positively or else you’re risking yourself to a lot of stress. Negative thinking makes you get stressed because it brings down your morale and your ability to do a task is reduced and when that happens, you start questioning your abilities, about your competitiveness which ultimately leads to stress. Don’t start questioning your abilities immediately, take a step back and keep up the positivism!

Healthy Diet for a Stress-Free Life

It all boils down to this, the core problem for any lifestyle disorder. Diabetes? Something’s wrong with your diet, Heartburn? The same answer, Headaches? The same again. Not surprisingly, a bad diet can be a precursor for chronic stress too. A Reality Check. To stay stress-free you should follow a diet that contains more antioxidants. Here’s more on how you should plan your diet to prevent stress.

These are the best and the healthiest methods you can get to prevent stress. It may seem difficult to follow them thoroughly but once they become an inherent part of your lifestyle, Stress can never affect you again.

Do you agree? Do you have any more healthy ways that you practice to prevent stress? Let me know!

Aditya Samitinjay

This article was written by Aditya Samitinjay, who is currently studying Medicine. His interests are based in Sports, Reading, Writing and Music. He is an ardent fan of Liverpool FC and Rafael Nadal, delves into the Rock ‘n’ Roll world and usually writes at his personal blog www.likelitelife.in.

2 thoughts on “6 Healthy Ways to Manage and Prevent Stress

  • June 14, 2012 at 5:19 am

    Your tips on how to reduce stress are really cool. Meditation and Yoga are the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. It is a great stress buster. You have to take good balanced diet as it is linked to your hormone levels which again determine your stress level. I always keep a good company of people. I connect to my Facebook friend and share my worries with them if I feel lonely or depressed.

    • June 14, 2012 at 9:36 am

       @feliciacorrine  Your ways to manage stress are cool and effective. Did you know that all lifestyle disorders’ causes are rooted to either Stress or your Diet, so if both are in the right direction, you will be absolutely stress free forever!
      Aditya, Mental Health and Lifestyle Tips – Like Lite Life


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