6 Tips to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Over indulging in alcohol can leave you feeling a little worse for wear the next day – a throbbing headache, nausea (and sometimes sickness) and general lethargy is usually the price you pay for having one too many the night before.  But that’s only the short-term effect. Regularly drinking too much can leave you at risk of much more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, liver disease, reduced fertility and an increased risk of developing some cancers, including mouth, throat and breast cancer. Heavy drinking is also linked to depression.

In the holiday season, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking and consume more alcohol than you intended to. If you’re interested in reducing your alcohol intake but don’t want to abstain altogether, the following tips may help.

1. Make it a small one: Always opt for the smallest glass of wine or bottle of beer available. Don’t double up on spirit measures. If you’re drinking at home or at a house party, choose the smallest glass – if your wine glass is a huge goblet, you’re likely to fill it.

If you drink spirits, always add plenty of mixer. Some mixers can be very sugary, as an alternative you could opt for soda water with a spritz of fresh lime or lemon juice. Even fresh fruit juices are high in calories and sugars. If you must have a vodka orange, fine, but try topping it up with sparkling water so it lasts longer.

Sinead Miller

Sinead Miller writes articles about health and fitness and manages UK health insurance sites Insured Health and Web Doctor.

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