6 Tips to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

6. Count the calories. Booze has a staggering amount of calories – seven calories per gram, which is almost the equivalent of pure fat. A standard glass of wine (175 ml) contains around 130 calories, whilst an average bottle of beer contains 140 calories (although it will vary depending on the brand and the strength). If you’re keen to get (or stay) in shape, drinking certainly won’t help.

Reducing your alcohol intake will mean that you’ll avoid the dry mouth, banging head and ‘beer fear’ anxiety the morning after, but also safeguard your health for the future,  reducing your risks of developing a host of diseases. You’ll save money not only because, let’s face it, booze is expensive, but you may also save on your health insurance policy as you’ll be fighting fit. Cheers to that!

Sinead Miller

Sinead Miller writes articles about health and fitness and manages UK health insurance sites Insured Health and Web Doctor.

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