6 Top Tips for Cycling Training

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It’s a common misconception that cycling is easy and requires little to no training. Aficionados of this endurance sport, however, no that that’s not the case. Cycling is an excellent method of cardiovascular exercise and, as an endurance activity, requires meticulous training of both the body and mind.

Health Benefits

Proper base cycle training has a number of physical and health benefits for those who choose to take it up. Training concentrates on improved breathing techniques that in turn have a positive impact on a person’s heart and its functions. Proper training also helps to improve your cycling proficiency.

Tip One: Base Training and Preparation

Most of the people who enter base training for cyclists do so because they are interested in taking part in competitions and races. Bike racing can be compared to running a marathon, in that the body needs to be prepared for such a task. Base training is designed to strengthen your body so that it is prepared for the sustained hard work that is a vital part of bike racing. You can find out more about what base training involves here.

Tip Two: Training and Workouts

Training for cycle racing is hard work. A good deal of the core training for cyclists involves workouts at home. A good workout programme will concentrate on the muscles and areas that are important in a sustained cycle race and include:

  • Squats: Cyclists learn specialised squatting exercises to loosen up their calves after a long ride.
  • Triceps: You need to exercise these muscles because your arms take a lot of the strain when you are on a long bike ride.
  • Lower back exercises are extremely important because of the strain that sustained cycling puts on that part of your body.

Tip Three: Exercising Builds Endurance

A long bike raid is basically an endurance test for your body. Unless you undertake the right kind of exercises for various muscle groups, your body will feel the worse for wear. Targeted exercises are designed to strengthen all of the muscle groups that you will use when you are racing.

Tip Four: Loosening Up

If you ride a bike for extended periods you will find that various muscles in your body will tighten up. Some experts recommend yoga as undertaking this kind of exercise, ideally twice a week; will increase your muscle flexibility.

Tip Five: Your Diet

Cyclists, like any other athletes must eat properly. You need to ensure that your diet includes items from all the major food groups. You should have regular, well-balanced meals with snacks in between to give you a needed energy boost. As with any exercise, it’s important to eat healthy food loaded with carbohydrates and protein before your workout. A light meal rich in these a few of hours before, and a small snack about 45 minutes before will ensure your body has enough energy to get you through the exercise.

Tip Six Get Adequate Rest

Cycling on a regular basis causes the micro fibres in your body to break down. You should rest at least one day out of seven as regular rest is one of the best ways rebuilding the micro fibres in your muscles. Combine adequate rest with a good diet and the right kind of exercise regime and you should be able to enjoy cycle racing for a long time to come.

These tips were written by Amy for 50 Cycles. As a fan of health and fitness, she works with 50 Cycles because of their passion for cycling and exercise and because cycling is one of her favourite hobbies.


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