7 Boxing Fitness Training Tips

It is no surprise that boxing offers an amazing workout, but while many people would love the result of a boxing workout they do not want to have to worry about getting hit. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that you can complete the fitness program of a boxer without ever having to actually step into a ring.


1. Hit the Streets

Jogging or running is a large part of a boxing fitness program. It helps to build endurance and is a great conditioning tool. It is best to try and select areas where it might propose some sort of challenge, but jogging is a great addition to your overall fitness regimen.

2. Commitment

There is one thing that you will definitely have to have if you plan on being successful with your boxing fitness program and that is dedication. A boxing fitness program works as well as it does simply because it is completed on regular intervals. You may on beginning a training program but cannot dedicate the time needed than you cannot expect the same results.

3. Diet

Like any good workout regimen it does not do any good to eat cheese fries and burgers everyday and then hit the gym. You need a balanced healthy diet. Try to avoid white flour products, sugar, and other bad carbs. You may be looking for those 6-pack abs, and if that is the case you will also want to avoid fruits later in the day. This may seem outrageous, but those fruits have higher sugar content so it is best to eat them for breakfast or lunch. (more tips:  here)

4. Take Care of Yourself

The average person has a great deal of stress and does not get enough sleep. These items can affect your workout. Make sure to get plenty of rest, and to take extra special care of yourself when you may feel under the weather.  Stress can be helped by simply adding a workout regimen to your lifestyle, but keep an eye on your caffeine intake and other items that can heighten your muscle tension and stress levels.

5. Workout Area

Boxing is an amazing workout, but it does take some space to complete it. It is important to have an area that will allow you to move freely and complete your workout without having to worry about falling over objects. A small living room is not always the best place. Setup an area in the garage, a spare room, or purchase a gym membership. You can get the boxing accessories at www.ringside.com. You can often find memberships for only around $10 a month, and the fact that you are paying for it is often just another thing to help keep you motivated.

6. Layout a Game Plan

The idea behind a proper boxing fitness regimen is a concentrated amount of time that is spent doing aggressive exercises and then allowing for a small break. Timing is everything with this program. It is important to have a game plan for the types of exercises that you will be doing for the day and the amount of time that you will allot for them. This helps you to rotate your exercises when necessary and keep your body in top calorie burning mode.

7. Build a Program that is Right for You

Not every program works flawlessly for every person. You know your body and know what your problem areas might be and where you need to target. Help design your own exercise program that is built of the recommended boxing exercises, but with a stronger concentration on the areas in which you have the most concern. You may already have a strong core, but are interested in building up your endurance. This means that you will need to include less core strengthening exercises and more endurance exercises.

Every person is different the way that they are built, but we all need a solid diet, a good night’s sleep, and a regular exercise program in order to try and stay happy and healthy. A boxing fitness program just helps you accomplish this faster, but it does take dedication in order to ensure that you follow through with a solid helpful program that can get you ready for swimsuit season.

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  • March 26, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    Working out on a punching bag is great. I think it can burn a lot of calories when you commit to it. When you go boxing, you shouldn’t keep doing jabs or hooks. Variation is key in these routines. I’ve learned that you should also invest in good gloves as well.


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