7 Ways to be Healthy on the Cheap

Being healthy doesn’t always have to mean hiring a personal trainer. (Although, there are tremendous benefits to it). Healthy living can start now with some loose change in your pocket and these tips:

1. Clear the brainstorm:
For a little Zen in your life, breathe deeply for conscious relaxation and stress reduction. Meditation allows your body to tune itself up. Learn some basic techniques, find a meditation podcast and breathe into relaxation.

2. Switch to water: Remember the days from biology class? Water is essential for life, as it makes up over 70 percent of our bodies. Water is a solvent for nutrients and delivers those nutrients to cells. Use the 8×8 rule: Eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Make water your choice; it’s healthier (and cheaper) than soda.

3. Hit the trail: Being outdoors is simply one of the best ways to clear your mind. Hiking is a great activity for every skill level. Do it solo, or get the entire family fit. Breathe deeply, stretch before embarking on an all-day hike. A good hike will re-energize your body and release stress.

4. Act like a kid again: Hula hoops, jump ropes, trampolines… all these have benefits and provide an excellent form of activity right down to strengthening your core. A little off-beat fun will keep you feeling young and boost your energy.

5. Say “no!” to junk food: This is a “no-brainer.” Not only that, eliminating junk food from your diet saves you 100% of the dollars you would have spent on it in the first place. Junk food may taste good, but your body doesn’t like it.

6. Feed yourself: You have the power to control what you consume. Why not try your hand at growing your own food? Whether you choose to work with planting containers or in the ground, gardening not only feeds the soul, but it’s a good form of exercise. Harvesting nutritious, home-grown fruits and vegetables is the greatest reward.

7. You snooze, you gain: If napping seems too difficult to fit into your busy schedule, think again. A power nap (10-20 minutes) can increase stamina, alertness, productivity, cognitive functioning and reduce stress. First, recognize that taking a nap is not an act of laziness. Resting your head will give you health benefits and make you ultra-productive in the end.

Do you have other suggestions for living healthy on the cheap?

Marisa Finetti

Social media-driven, passionate about living healthy, and writing about both. Marisa Finetti has been published in a number of magazines on topics of spa and wellness, and has her own blogs on social media and health: Best Be Well,Spa Pixie and Social Media Siren.

3 thoughts on “7 Ways to be Healthy on the Cheap

  • May 25, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Agreed with your tips Drink at least 8 to 10 liters of Water per day, Junk food is to be avoided.

    • May 25, 2011 at 10:02 am

      Sorry, there should be an error somewhere, eight to ten litters of water? If you drink that you’ll certainly have a problem, you’ll loose all your minerals and suffer hyponatremia (dilution of sodium in your body) and have other serious problems. The quantity expressed in ounces corresponds to a daily intake of max. 2.8 litres, more than that without being an athlete or doing intensive exercise will be dangerous.

  • November 5, 2010 at 10:00 am

    The water part is really good and important. Sodas cause only harm and should be refrained upon from childhood.


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