7 Reasons Why a Marathon is Good for Your Health

It has been largely questioned whether a marathon can be good for health or not. There have been many studies which have given a number of different results. While marathon runners themselves believe in only the advantages of the activity, others who are constantly disinterested in running marathons always believe the ill effects of the same. Eventually, the decision remains personal, but for those looking for answers about the advantages they see when they run a marathon, this article will be informative, as well as enjoyable to them.

Is Marathon Running Good for Your Health?

Many key-note speakers have discussed and debated the effects of running a marathon on the human body. While some go in favor of it, others like to oppose the same. But even those who have gone in favor of it have made sure they mention that the first marathon was run by Egyptians after winning the battle of marathon.  They ran twenty-five miles and as a result of that they did when they reached their destination. This does not show that running a marathon for twenty-five miles or above would be injurious to health, it simply indicated that too much of anything can be destructive.

The most important thing to remember is that running a marathon is not for amateurs. It is an activity which needs persistence, perseverance, patience and maturity. Aside from the required personality attributes of a marathon runner, one must be able to train for a minimum of six months before they attempt their first marathon. Like any other sport, this too needs skill, training and the correct build for the same. A marathon is good for your health when you run it right. Otherwise the consequences of the same can be severe, some even fatal.

  1. Building Your Aerobic Capacity: Running a marathon encourages your cells, tissues and muscles to utilize the oxygen in your blood stream more efficiently. It is called smart utilization because the gradual training and improvement of the aerobic capacity of the body allows a marathon runner to train his muscles to release energy slowly and gradually. They do not release huge amounts of energy in one single shot, like an adrenaline rush because that would prevent them from being able to run the marathon completely.
  2. Rejuvenate Your Mind: a number of marathon runners claim to feel a certain sense of peace and serenity after they have been through a marathon. Since the recovery period of a marathon is no less than a month, runners often feel that the first one week after the marathon is most peaceful. They relate the feeling to intoxication from a drug or even the sense of nirvana because the marathon allows the brain to reboot itself, just like in the case of a computer.
  3. Making the Muscles Stronger: any kind of exercise is good for the muscles being used during the same. Running a marathon builds on the muscles of the runner not in a bulky way like that of a wrestler, but in a more durable way wherein they remain active and functional for a much longer period of time. Those who do not run marathons would feel muscle tightening and weakness quicker in old age.
  4. Opens Skin Pores: when a runner is participating in a marathon, the body would work tirelessly to ensure it maintains the correct temperature in spite of the vigorous exercise it is being exposed to. The constant sweat that is excreted helps the body to maintain a balance in the temperature during the marathon which opens the skin pores, removing impurities and allows the skin to flush out any unwanted substances which can cause problems like acne, infections etc. these open pores also make the skin brighter and clearer with time.
  5. Endorphin Release Helps Combat Pain: marathon runners have higher amount of endorphin in their system because of the increase in their aerobic capacity. This endorphin is the body’s most basic way to relieve itself of pain and make it more comfortable. The endorphin release stays in the blood stream for a while even after the marathon thus contributing to a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure and excitement.
  6. Teaches Perseverance: every marathon runner has claimed that the experience, expertise and understanding needed to run a whole marathon comes with time and patience. It cannot be achieved by youngsters particularly because of their need for speed. A marathon teaches a running to run a race slowly, and sensible, all the while giving the body enough nutrients and nourishment to keep it supported. This is the only way one can reach the very end of the race.
  7. Prevents Heart and Lung Diseases: marathon runners face heart problems when their training has been incomplete and their body and mind have not been equipped to deal with the stress of the marathon. This would be the case for any exercise or sport. But if the body has been well-trained to combat the marathon and the mind is mature enough to take an individual through it, it helps to strengthen the heart and lungs by making them work to their full capacity. It gives the organs more opportunity to function better and give the body more nutrients so as to be able to continue the run that was started.

Like mentioned earlier, the advantages or counterproductive nature of a marathon can be argued and a number of people choose their own sides, but when you look at the effects it can have in your lifestyle, you might want to consider the amount of serenity and enrichment it might bring to you. Do not try to test the effect on your life, by running a “test” marathon. Instead you need to be able to relate to the accounts of other runners and learn from them, the correct way to imbibe what marathons have to offer. Like two sides of a coin, marathons have ill effects as well as enrichments – the way you run decides which side the coin falls on.

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  • April 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Great article. There are other reasons but these are quality ones. Getting tired of hearing the negative articles about marathons, particularly from people who have never run one.

  • April 2, 2012 at 2:00 am

    The name Marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. (from wikipedia) Mr.Richards please be careful about your postings. Egyptians???


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