7 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is Healthier for You and Your Baby

The benefits of breastfeeding your infant are plentiful and far exceed their basic nutritional needs. In addition to breast milk being loaded with vitamins and nutrients necessary for their development, it can also contain disease fighting elements that keep your baby out of harm’s way from illnesses. Breastfeeding is also beneficial to the mother, and it can lessen your risk of postpartum depression and various forms of cancer.

1. Emotional and Physical Bond

The bonding experience between a mother and child is important during the early stages of infancy and breast-feeding can help strengthen that. However, teaching your infant to latch on properly can be difficult at the beginning. New mom necessities such as a nursing pillow can aid in the process. The Mombo nursing pillow is designed with a unique shape that gives proper support where it’s most needed. It’s also cozy and plush for tummy time and cozy moments of breastfeeding. The nursing pillow also provides better positioning for your infant so feeding is much easier and less stressful. Using this pillow will also protect and support the mother’s abdomen during the healing process from having birthed a baby, especially if a caesarian was performed.

2. Protects Your Infant from Illnesses

According to WHO (World Health Organization), studies from around the globe have been instrumental in proving that breast-fed infants experience a reduced number of illnesses such as ear infections, meningitis, stomach viruses and respiratory infections over those who are bottle fed. Research has also proven that infants who have been breast-fed early, especially exclusively, showed a decreased risk in infant mortality between the ages of birth to one year and has greatly improved infant survival rates. Adults who were breastfed as babies have decreased chances of experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and type-2 diabetes later on in life.


3. Helps Loss of Weight for the New Mom

Breastfeeding encourages the release of a hormone called oxytocin which is a hormone that helps a woman’s abdomen shrink to its original size before the pregnancy. Also, breastfeeding helps use up to an additional 500 calories per day, aiding in helping the loss of weight after birth.

4. Intelligence Booster

Researchers have found a strong link between breastfeeding and your child’s cognitive development. According to Scientific American, an average baby that breast-fed longer than six months showed a 3.8 point higher IQ over a bottle-fed baby, reported by researchers at Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland during a seven year research. Other studies concluded that breast-fed children had higher scores on reading and math testing. Many believe that the emotional bonding that new moms and their infants experience during the early months of breastfeeding may help promote this intelligence, while the baby’s consumption of fatty acids is found to be the most significant contributing factor.

5. Reduce Stress and Postpartum Depression

While your infant can enjoy numerous benefits that aid their health and wellness through breastfeeding, you’ll find that the experience can be most beneficial to new moms also. Recent studies have concluded that women who never breastfed or stopped feeding early on had a higher rate of postpartum depression. Nursing triggers the release of hormones that can promote calm and relaxation. This can help fight feelings of stress and depression most common after the birth of a child.

6. Reduce Cancer

In addition to helping lessen the risk of cancer in your infant, breastfeeding can aid moms by reducing their chances of ovarian and breast cancers. The longer the women breast-fed, the more protective effectiveness it had on their system.

7. Savings and the Environment

One of the blessings aside from all the health benefits to breastfeeding is the savings a person will maintain from not needing to buy formula or bottles. In today’s inflated economy for such items, those savings are sure to be substantial. Also breast milk is natural and does not include any landfill requirements, nor transportation or the use of fuel.

The mental and physical health benefits of breastfeeding are numerous for both you and your infant. By using it to bond with their child and keeping them safe from illnesses, mothers are also able to keep postpartum depression at bay and aid in their weight loss. They are also able to help save with personal finance while promoting a more eco-friendly environment.

Being a mother to 4 breastfed babies, Lisa Coleman shares and encourages women to consider exclusive breastfeeding for their infants for a minimum of the first six months of their baby’s infancy to receive all the benefits that come with doing so. A supportive Mombo nursing pillow can assist healing and minimize stress while breastfeeding, promoting its numerous benefits of health and prevention.


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Lisa Coleman

Lisa Coleman, former nursing student and mother of 4, offers her advice and life experiences in an effort to help others. With a background in nursing, management, fitness, working with the elderly, children and pets, she strives to be able to do so with her writing abilities.

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