7 Reasons Why Fad Diet Doesn’t Work

If you want to lose weight the natural way, you need to have a lot of patience, and you need to have a lot of discipline. Therefore, if you are cramming to lose weight, or if you have a deadline to beat, Losing weight naturally is not the most convenient option for you.

Those who want to lose weight immediately often look for a faster alternative and subscribe with the Fad Diet. This type of diet gained fame because of its express weight loss result. Dieters which looks for an instant weight loss remedy sometimes rely on Fad Diet to shed pounds. Fad Diet may seem  really tempting but believe it or not; Fad Diet Doesn’t work and its dangerous to  your health.

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Before you decide to try it, here are the shocking secrets of Fad diet that you should know:

1. It Does not Offer A Long Term Solution

It could Possibly make you lose weight, However once stopped there’s a bigger chance that you will also gain back your lost weight. According to Research, Dieter’s who tried losing weight with the use of fad diets has gained more weight when they stopped with their Fad Diet. Fad diet will make you lose a lot of water weight since it will limit your food intake to an extreme level.

Nevertheless, The whole process will also make you feel deprived and it could lead you to develop suppressed hunger pangs that will eventually show once you stop with your routine. These type of diet are not sustainable and can’t serve as a long-term solution.

2. Fad Diets can’t Help You Build a Healthy Life Style.

Eating almost nothing Is not healthy. It can effectively help you lose weight immediately but it surely won’t keep it for long. Your body needs nutrition and your subscription to Fad diets will prevent you from getting it. There are a lot of ways to lose weight naturally without the need of depriving yourself from food being healthy and being slim has equal importance but if you are wise, you’ll definitely chose a healthy body over a slim figure.

3. It Can Cause Detrimental Effect On your Health

I think i don’t need to explain this further. Fad Diets Will Limit your Food intake to the Extreme!Some Fad diets even require you to take soup only and fluids only for a week, And who get’s enough essential nutrients from fluids and soup? No one. Continuing you Fad diet more than the allowed days will surely make you lose a lot of weight and gets you hospitalized too. What i suggest is that you keep your vegetarian diet and ditch the unhealthy Fad diets.

4. It will Give You False Hopes

“You will lose weight in a blink of an eye with Fad diet” Who wouldn’t be encouraged by this? Those who wants to get a slim figure will do almost everything just to lose weight, and an Express Weight loss remedy such as the famous Fad Diets surely are tempting. But if you will carefully evaluate the diet you will see that it does not really make you lose weight, it will just make you lighter with the water weight that you lose. In totality Fad Diet is also the culprit for your sudden weight gain.

5. It Can Cause Stress and Depression

Food deprivation can lead to stress and depression. Our body needs a certain amount of food to gratify our daily needs, Since Fad diets prevent you from eating the right amount of food, you often feel hungry thus, It prevents you to think right. When you eat less food your body craves for more and that makes you feel stressed. Once you Feel Stressed you’ll also build food cravings that leads you to cheat with your diet routine.

6. It Can Make you Easily Tired

Less food equals Less Energy. Our body needs certain food such as protein and carbs that serves as fuel. When you try to lose weight with Fad diets you often omit this on your meal plan. Since you lack the required food group that provides energy for your body you often feel tired most of the time.

7. It Can Cause Muscle Loss

Our body has its own mind. When it feels that it lacks the nourishment that it needs it often dips into our valuable storage such us our muscles. And That often leads to Muscle Loss.


Losing weight is not an easy task and it definitely can’t come easily. You need to work hard to lose weight. Fad diets can’t be the right solution for your dormant fat. Your fat has been developed years ago and simple fasting can’t make them all go away. Fad diets may seem so good to be true, But in reality Exercise and Lifestyle modification is still the best way for you to lose weight.

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One thought on “7 Reasons Why Fad Diet Doesn’t Work

  • March 18, 2013 at 4:24 am

    I have used fab diets in the past and lost weight but once finished put the weight back on with avengance. After years of frustration I have now learn to count cals and use an apt to track my daily consumption of food and this working for me. I am now conscious of what I am putting in mouth and losing weight. I don t call it a diet I call it’s healthy eating plan and lost 14 kg since 1/1/13 and powering. Regular exercise and plenty of water is another additional part of the life style. I have gone through the 150 ks, 140 ks and now in the mid 130s and targeting 100 ks. I feel much better even with the amount if weight I have lost already. I am a 52 old male living in Newcastle, NSW. Cheers and good luck.


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