7 Steps to a Healthier Home This Season

Spring cleaning is a tradition that has survived many generations, and for a good reason. The deep spring clean used to be a way of getting all the mud and dirt out of the homes after the wet and miserable winters, and today not a lot has changed. We might allow less mud and stuff into our homes than we did hundreds of years ago, but the essence of spring cleaning remains the same.

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Cleaning the house from top to bottom serves a more important purpose than simply making the home look better. A messy home filled with clutter can negatively affect your mental health, which can lead to depression and other issues. Equally important is the fact that without a good spring cleaning ritual, you could be sharing your home with bacteria, mould and other nasty uninvited guests, which could be detrimental to your family’s health. Here are some top tips for spring cleaning to help you create a healthier home.

1. Clear out the furniture

Make your life really easy by getting rid of the big, bulky bits of furniture for a few days. You can hire a  a man and van in London wide who will be happy to take your belongings to a local self storage unit, allowing you to scrub, clean and redecorate with ease.

2. Tackle the dust

No doubt when you moved your furniture you were disgusted by the amount of dust that had accumulated underneath? This dust and debris can contain animal hair, pollen and even human skin which can be detrimental to respiratory functions as well as aggravating allergies. Dust and vacuum thoroughly all around the house, and clean out any air vents or extractor fans around the place too.

3. Bin the baddies

Things like half empty paint cans, old containers of bleach, white sprits and other toxic nasties can all be dangerous to younger family members and pets. Keep your stash to a minimum and find out how to safely dispose of anything you no longer need.

4. Manage your medicines

Go through your medicine cabinet, first aid box or anywhere else where you keep pills and potions, and check all the best before dates on the packets. Throw away anything that is out of date or any liquids that have been opened for a long time.

5. Wipe down your windows

Windows and window frames are a hotbed for mould and mildew during the winter months, particularly in the bathroom. Wipe them all down with a bleach solution to kill the mould spores. Check the integrity of your window frames and the paintwork, and book a handyperson to come and repair anything that you think is showing signs of wear and tear.

6. Test your alarms

Spring clean is a good time to test the batteries in things like your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarm. It is often a good idea to replace them now, even if they aren’t run down yet, just so you can be sure they are good for another year.

7. Check outside

The outside of the house is the final place to pay attention to in the spring clean. Apart from any gardening work you need to do, it is a good time to test your kids play equipment and to make any repairs that may be needed for the coming summer. Check decking for broken or worn boards, and consider giving your garden furniture a good rub down and a paint to get it ready for the warmer months.

Nicole Stanley

Nicole Stanley is a health and environment enthusiast. She keeps an eye on the latest developments in most of the trades and industries and the ecological impact of them. Her latest interest is the recently mushroomed storage and removals businesses. She is highly fascinated by the concept of man and a van in London.

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