8 Delicious Cosmetics You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) newsletter, you use an average of 10 personal care products daily. However, have you considered the toxicity of these products and what would happen if you consume one? In most cases, there is a warning label on household cosmetics that caution against consumption or unnecessary eye contact, so consuming them would be dangerous.

Cosmetic companies can use raw material or various toxic ingredients without the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review or approval. More specifically, EWG reports that more than 500 cosmetic products on the market sold in the U.S. contain ingredients that are banned in Japan. The major reason? Inedible toxins.

With that said, your bathroom cabinet probably has a lot of cosmetics that you would put on your lips but never in your mouth. These 8 edible and non-toxic products might change your mind.

Green Dragon Perfumes

Green Dragon Herbals makes vanilla caramel and chocolate perfumes that smell great. The scent, however, only helps make them more appetizing. The perfumes actually taste like vanilla caramel and chocolate. That can make for a steamy, delicious date.

Smashbox Lip Exfoliant

Using an exfoliant removes dead skin so that your lips can always look their best. Most of the time, though, you wouldn’t think of eating your lip exfoliant. Smashbox’s product will make you think twice. It removes flaking skin from your lips with ingredients such as sugar and poppy seeds. When you’re done making yourself look beautiful, you can spread it on your bagel.


Bloom Lip Gloss

If you wear lip gloss, then you already eat some. It’s inevitable. Bloom Cosmetics recognized this and made a lip gloss that’s great to eat. The gloss is made of natural ingredients like sugar, watermelon, and tangerine. When used regularly it can make your lips soft and supple. Unfortunately, you might find that you’ve licked it all off before it has had a chance to seep into your skin.

Deo Perfume Candy

Want a slight scent that will drive everyone around you crazy? BENEO has the perfect product for you. The company’s Deo Perfume Candy tastes delicious when you eat it. Shortly after eating it, though, you will start to smell like a rose. To make this candy even better, it is made from a sugar replacement rather than actual sugar. You can smell amazing and keep a trim figure!

Nimble Bar

No one likes the signs of aging. Slackening skin and wrinkles can make looking in the mirror dreadful. You could slow the aging process by snacking on the Nimble Bar. This energy bar has been specifically developed to improve skin tone. The Nimble Bar comes in peanut butter and yogurt orange swirl flavors.

Radiant Love Butter

Radiant Love Butter can hydrate any part of the body. Apply it to your hands, lips, or feet to feel refreshed and soothed. Since it only contains edible ingredients, you might as well have a few licks after rubbing it into your skin. It won’t hide blemishes like dark spot corrector products on the market, but it will help your skin feel great. But given that these spot corrector products include sodium hydroxide and hydroquinone, you could eat it. But it wouldn’t taste quite as good as Radiant Love Butter.

Melt Body Chocolate Fondue

Here’s a product best enjoyed with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The chocolate-based product only contains .5 grams of fat per serving. With a full jar, you could stay up all night painting each other and playing tasty games.


Urban Decay Body Powder

Urban Decay’s Lickable Body Powder can make your skin look radiant and healthy. As an added bonus, it comes in marshmallow and honey flavors. You probably shouldn’t take it camping, but it’s great for nights when you want to look and taste your best.

What other edible cosmetics have you discovered?

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    what is the name of the brand a lisptick,lip gloss,that is healthy,and even if u can taste it ,not toxic,,not poisonous,at all,pls let me know,,thnx and have a nice day,,,god bless


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