8 Health Effects of Poor Dental Hygiene that Extend Beyond Your Mouth

Our mouth is the passage that leads to the body and hence bacteria from the gums and teeth can affect our health in a number of ways. For this, one must floss and brush twice every day and avoid cavity-friendly foods like tobacco and sugared treats. Consulting with a general dentist in Wasilla will inform you about the health hazards of bad oral hygiene.


1. Heart Diseases: People suffering from periodontal diseases are twice as likely to develop arterial narrowing and heart ailments since the bacteria can enter the gums. Bacteria contain a clot-promoting protein which may clog the arteries, causing an increased risk of cardiac problems.

2. Dementia: Loss of teeth due to bad dental health is a risk for loss of memory and early Alzheimer’s disease. It has been seen that infection in the gums releases various kinds of inflammatory substances that can lead to the death of brain cells.

3. Respiratory Issues: Bacteria owing to periodontal disease may travel through blood to the lungs and aggravate respiratory problems especially in patients who have already been diagnosed with respiratory conditions. The person might have increased risks of acute bronchitis and pneumonia.

4. Diabetes: About a majority of adults who have been diagnosed with diabetes have advanced conditions that lead to loss of teeth. This happens because patients suffering from diabetes are more likely to contract infections. Diabetes makes you likely to face gum risks as well as develop further diabetic complications.

5. Erectile Dysfunction: The dentist in Wasilla knows that men suffering from periodontal diseases are 7 times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than those who practice good dental hygiene. Periodontal bacteria travels through the blood system, inflaming the blood vessels and blocking the flow of blood to the genitals.

6. Risk of Premature Birth: About 13% of babies in the US are born premature. Such babies are susceptible to experiencing medical complications like infections and breathing issues. The dental health of the mother can affect the condition. If the mother has a microbial mouth, she runs the risk of delivering a premature baby. Inflammation as a result of gum diseases can be tackled with antibacterial mouthwash.

7. Infertility Issues: It has been established by scientific research that gum diseases can increase the time required for a woman to get pregnant. The study has seen that these women took at least 7 months to conceive, as opposed to their peers who took 5 months without gum disease.

8. Cancer: Men suffering from gum disease were about half as likely to develop kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer and blood cancers.

It is important to follow good dental practices and this is why you should visit your oral health care professional or dentist on a regular basis. This can help in the early detection of oral cancer. Smokers run the highest risk of developing these cancers. They are not as keen to visit the dentist, as has been found by a survey. If you encounter any problems with your gums or teeth, it is important to see the general dentist in Wasilla immediately.

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