8 Really Helpful Eyeglass Scratch Removal Tips

Scratches on your lens can interfere with your vision. They also impact the look of your glasses. Luckily, there are several varieties of glass scratch removers available. You can find these products in your optometrist’s office or in local retail stores in your area.

You can also try common household products can also be used as a glass scratch remover – Toothpaste is one of these products.

By rubbing toothpaste on the scratched glass, you can often remove small scratches from your lens and even from glass top tables. Be sure that the toothpaste you use is not the gel variety, that will not work. You only need a small amount, use a soft cloth to apply it to the scratches. Then simply wash the glass with water and mild soap in order to remove the toothpaste.

Mustard and vinegar is a lesser known solution that can be used as a glass scratch remover. Use dry mustard and vinegar to make a paste. Apply as you would with toothpaste. Be sure to keep your hands away from your eyes when working with this mixture. Dry mustard is harmful to your eyes.

Rain repellant is another product you may have around your house that can be used as a glass scratch remover. Apply this with a soft cloth, work in a circular motion to polish out the scratches. An added benefit to this product is that it adds a rain shield to your glasses. For this reason, even if you only have a scratch on one side, you should still apply the product to both sides. This way they both have the rain shield.

Brasso, which is a product designed for polishing metal, is also helpful as a glass scratch remover. Again apply this with a soft cloth that is clean. Wipe off any extra polish, repeat until the scratch is gone. Your glasses may be hazy after this procedure so you will want to clean them with soap and water. Vinegar will also work well to clean the haze.

Hydrofluoric acid is another option. However, this one can be dangerous. Be sure to wear gloves, goggles and a mask. Work outdoors when using this as well. It is good at removing scratches but you must use caution when working with it.

Some other household items that can be used as glass scratch remover are: Baby oil, furniture polish and baking soda. Always use a clean soft cloth and caution. You do not want to cause additional scratches.

If your glasses have deep scratches you may be better off taking them to your optometrist. They have equipment that can be used to remove deep scratches. While home remedies such as those mentioned above can be quite successful when there are tiny scratches, they will not do as well with deep ones. The equipment needed to work on these deep scratches will often not be found in homes. Cerium oxide, a drill and a buffer will usually be used to take out deep scratches.

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