8 Unhealthy Diet Foods

Many of the foods that are supposed to fit in with a “diet” and/or healthy menu may be a huge trap. Read the listed below and consider the suggestion to get them out of your menu.

1. Salads

Salads are a part of every healthy menu. Although the vegetables contain vitamins and minerals, we usually add in the bowl some additions like creamy dressings, full- fat cheese, high- calorie croutons, tuna and salmon fish. Everything depends on portion size but have in mind that one “healthy” medium tuna salad might have 700 calories and 40 gr of fats. Be careful when you make the menu for your diet and the meal you add in it.

2. Reduced- fat peanut butter

When you are trying to watch your weight the reduced- fat version of the peanut butter might sound suitable, but the fattier edition is actually the better choice. Reduced- fat peanut butter has no fewer calories then the regular one because when removing all that fat it needs to be replaced with corn starches and sugar in order to save the creamy texture. So the final result is not only a product with the same amount of calories but with less favourable nutrition profile.

3. Energy bars

The convenience is one of the most important things when we talk about the diet of the modern person. That’s why the markets are full of various types, sizes and flavours of energy bars that are supposed to provide power and vitality. Instead you are often left with a dose of sugar and oil which every bar contains instead of a balanced food.

blueberry smoothie

4. Smoothies

A smoothie could be the best way to start the day or to refresh after a workout but make sure that the one you take contains healthy nutritions and low level of calories. If you drink a smoothie made of bananas with added cream, syrup, ice- cream, nuts and high- calorie milk, you probably would not be able to enjoy the figure you like.

5. Sport drinks

It is better to drink water to keep you hydrated while doing some light exercises. Most of the sport drinks contain electrolytes, like potassium and sodium, and up to 120 calories per 20 oz, that makes them good for intensive workouts. You can spare the extra calories from sport drinks while doing some light housework.

6. Soup mixes

We all know the soups are very good suggestion for dinner when you are trying to keep a diet. They contain only water and vegetables and both of them are part of the healthy meal. Yet, stay away from the idea that the soup mixtures from the shop are as good for your health as the home made ones because they contain a lot of salt and farina.

7. Diet soda

The bubbling soft drinks come with various side effects for your health. No matter sugar free sodas or regular ones, all of them can cause troubles with your metabolism, teeth and cells. Artificial sweeteners seem to be the answer for the sweetness of the drink without the sugar calories but as you can see it is better to avoid them.

8. Packed fruit juices

Nothing is better than a big glass of fresh juice in the middle of the working day when you feel tired and hungry. Yet, there is a big difference between fresh juices that you make by yourself and those ones which you can take from the shop. Packed fruit juices are with added sugar and you could not be sure what exactly they are made of. Take advantage over the benefits that the fruit juice can present, but only if you have made it by yourself.

Well, now you know that is not enough to reduce the calories and the sugar from your daily intake to say that you are a healthy eater. Even if it sounds hard at the beginning of the diet to read every product’s label and to gather information about the nutrition profile of every food, with the time it is going to become easier every other day. Remember that it is worth the efforts.


Jane Mires is a freelance guest blogger and also running a cleaning agency in London BestCleanersLondon. She loves to spend her free time reading interesting blogs and making researches.


Jane Mires is a freelance guest blogger and also running a cleaning agency in London BestCleanersLondon. She loves to spend her free time reading interesting blogs and making researches.

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  • June 27, 2013 at 5:11 am

    really? i don`t know that salad, smoothies … are unheathly foods. i love salad, smoothies and energy drinks hm… but thank you the post to sharing with us :)


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