9 Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you trapped in a never-ending struggle to fit in your erstwhile dress size? Do you think your steady diet and exercise regimen have failed to produce any optimal results? Well, it is usual for you to think that you have followed all the right steps but in vain. However, it is possible that the diet and fitness program you are adhering to is actually putting you off any progress. So, without wasting any time further, you should pay attention whether your diet plan consists of any elements that are preventing you from achieving the body shape you wish for. Here is a list of nine diet mistakes that ruin one’s weight loss dreams.

Right Wrong

Mistake 1 – Crash dieting

It is the popular way most women take an approach to weight loss and it is dangerous. If it is used to work wonders, all women who tried it out would have been fit and fine. A lot of the weight lost due to crash dieting is the muscle tissue. This means even if you lose a considerable amount of weight and fit into your desired size of clothes, you will still look flabby.

Crash dieting slows down your metabolism. Muscle is the body’s metabolism and when it is lost, the body’s metabolic capacity is also reduced. Longer and more you diet, slower will be your metabolism.

When you stop crash dieting, you are likely to gain all the weight you lost. So, there are no such advantages of crash dieting.

Mistake 2 – Too much focus on the scale

What is showing up on the scale and what you see yourself in the mirror are not matched and you are worried. You can put an end to your worries by not paying too much attention to what the scale says. The scale does not display the right number.

The best way to lose fat and build muscle at the same time is to exercise properly. In case you manage to lose five pounds of weight and build the same amount of muscle, do not be surprised if you see the scale is not moving. But you will admire yourself in the mirror and you will be able to fit into your clothes easily. You will not look flabby since the muscle is denser and compared to fat, it takes up less space.

Mistake 3 – Excessive stress on Cardio

What comes in your mind when you plan to start some form of exercise? It is cardio. The thinking is wrong because cardio does little in giving a wonderfully shaped body.

The most important thing to do in order to get a great body is to maximize your metabolism. This only indicates that you require focusing on activities that not only burn calories while you are working out, but also, help you burn calories for considerable hours and days following the workout.

You can boost your metabolic rate performing interval training and metabolic resistance training. These are more effective than cardio.

Mistake 4 – Skipping a healthy and heavy breakfast

You have only heard that breakfast is the most important meal of an entire day. Do you know why is it considered so?

The word ‘breakfast’ can be split into three words – ‘break the fast’. Yes, when you do breakfast, you break a fast of eight or more hours. Your body starves for vital nutrients when you sleep at night. Well, it is not possible to eat while you sleep, so it is not a wise idea to skip breakfast on a regular basis.

As already mentioned, our muscle is our metabolism. If you do not give your body a balanced amount of vital nutrients in the morning, your body will lose its ability to burn calories.

If you eat a healthy and heavy breakfast, you are likely to feel hungry and overeat less.

Mistake 5 – Balancing with diet pills

After crash dieting, the second most popular way women approach to weight loss is diet pills. The market is flooded with different categories of diet pills. Some steers clear of them while many try them out without knowing their efficacy and dangerous side-effects they can cause in the body.

Do not get excited watching any advertisement that features a woman thanking a diet pill for her killer figure. These are false claims. Had they been effective, every voluptuous woman would have been flaunting an hour-glass figure.

Mistake 6 – Eating less

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, also called three square meals are not sufficient to get a fit and healthy body. They should be combined with two healthy snacks daily.

Many eat little and possess a habit of skipping breakfast and lunch most of the times. This leaves the body demanding nutrients all day and when the dinner time arrives, they consume foods like an obese person.

Having dinner as the heaviest meal in the 24 hours results in gaining the maximum amount of fat.

Mistake 7- Eating too much

Eating less has its disadvantages but so does overeating have. Munching chips and wafers and gorging on cakes and ice creams all the day will not do anything good but turn you into an obese soon.

Obesity poses serious health problems in the long run. So, do not overeat, eat in balanced amounts as discussed in the previous point.

Mistake 8 – Gorging on sweets

Women have emotional attachments to different foods. When they feel depressed, anxious, sad or angry, they satisfy their craving for sweets. If you are one of them, you must find a way to control the emotion.

It is best to break this attachment. Divert your mind to things other than gorging on chocolates, candies and pastries when you are in a restless mental condition.

Mistake 9 – Lack of sound sleep

You are exercising regularly and following a healthy and balanced diet every day. Still, you are not being able to lose the excess fat. Then, it is time to pay attention to your sleeping patterns.

Are you doing late nights? Are you having a sound eight-hour sleep every night? If you follow irregular sleeping patterns, your dream of achieving a perfect figure will elude you as you will gain fat. So, avoid working late at nights and sleep well for at least, eight hours.

Justin Brown

Justin Brown is a freelance blogger. He used to run a fitness training center in Massachusetts a year back, but now he is working as a nutritionist at a reputed firm. He specializes on alternative medicines, dietary supplements and oral hygiene.

2 thoughts on “9 Diet Mistakes You Must Avoid

  • August 8, 2013 at 1:02 am

    “Having dinner as the heaviest meal in the 24 hours results in gaining the maximum amount of fat.”

    on exactly what kind of scientific evidence do you base this ridiculous and incorrect statement?

    It does not matter when you eat , it matters how much you eat (and what). Whether you eat your , lets say, 1200 calories: spread out through the day or in one go, it wont make a difference to how much fat you’re gaining or not gaining.

    If a person wants to skip breakfast because they are not hungry, then they should skip breakfast. Listen to your body, eat when hungry, stop when not, and if you try to lose weight, eat less and move around more and results will follow automatically.


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