A New Perspective: How to Get Used to Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are designed to give people who might otherwise need glasses, a bit more flexibility in their daily lives. For instance, individuals that lead very active lifestyles or spend lots of time outdoors might find eyeglasses a bit more cumbersome than those who spend their days sitting at a desk. Contacts allow you to go about your daily activities, without a set of frames sitting uncomfortably, at the bridge of your nose. However, they do require some time to get used to, when you first get them.

Here are a few tips to help you get used to your new contacts:

1.) Keep Them Clean

Before putting anything in your eyes, always make sure that both your hands and the contacts themselves are completely clean. Remember, your eyes are very sensitive and even the smallest particles that might attach themselves to your lenses can become trapped against your eye, creating a very uncomfortable experience. They’re a lot easier to get used to, when they’re kept clean.


2.) Wear Them for Short Periods

You can’t really expect to just put them on for the first time and wear them comfortably, all day long. As far as your eyes are concerned, these are foreign objects that don’t really belong in such a sensitive area, so this is something you’re going to have to build up to. Try wearing them for only a couple hours at a time at first, then gradually increase this by an hour or two each day.


3.) Keep Them Hydrated

Another common cause of discomfort associated with contacts is dry eyes. Not only will your lenses become more uncomfortable to wear, but your vision may also seem to fluctuate and your contacts might even fall out on their own. Your eye-care professional should provide you with some special drops that are made for whatever type of lenses you’re wearing. You can also find them here on the Lenstore website. Simply follow the included directions when using them and you should be able to keep your lenses hydrated enough to avoid dry eyes.


4.) Learn to Insert Them Correctly

This might take some practice to get down, but always make sure your lenses are inserted correctly before you decide to leave them in there, so they won’t fall out or cause excessive discomfort. You might even have to remove and reinsert them, but remember that if you do, make sure to wash your hands again first and then re-wet the lenses with the appropriate solution. Remember not to use plain tap water on your contacts.


5.) Keep the Lens Centered

Do your best to center each lens over the iris, when you’re first putting it on. Try to get it as close as you can, then close your eyes over it and massage it gently into place.


6.) Get Used to Touching Your Eyes

The hardest thing to get used to is just the idea of placing something up against your sensitive eyeball. One technique that might make it easier is to apply a drop of warm water to the tip of your index finger and gently touch your eye with it. The warm water will numb the sensation to the point where you may not even feel the touch of your finger. Once again, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly, before touching your eyes.


Remember, it will take some time to get used to your new eyewear and the best you can do is follow whatever advice your eyecare professional has to offer. Although these tips can help you speed the process up a bit, the best advice you can get is straight from your eye doctor. With a little time and patience, you’ll eventually find that you can engage life more fully with contacts and you might even wonder why you didn’t get them sooner.

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