Why Hive Health Media?

Developed nations are currently facing an obesity epidemic.  Rates of obesity–already astronomical in proportions are increasing every year.  Yup, we’re all getting fatter and less active one year at a time.  In fact, over the past ten years, obesity rates have increased approximately 10% both in Canada as well as the United States.

Hive Health Media’s goal is simply health promotion.  We strive to provide not only breaking news in the health and fitness niches, but also to provide general advice (from experts in their field) to our readership.   We not only regularly publish news stories on breaking health and fitness topics, but we also engage our readers by allowing them to share their views to create dialogue and discussion.

[colored_box color=”green”]Let’s face it, the more attention, dialogue, and debate centered around topics pertaining to health and fitness can only be a good thing in the midst of this crisis. If you find reading our site on a daily basis helps to keep you motivated to eat healthier and stay more active, then we’re doing our jobs here.[/colored_box]

Yeah But You Have Ads on Your Site?

Sure do.  Hosting isn’t cheap–we currently spend thousands of dollars per year hosting 3 websites (this site, Health Habits, and Supplement Updates).

Part of the ad revenue also goes to paying our contributing writers for health news stories.

Oh yeah, and we also make a few extra dollars to pay for a dinner out now and again too.

About US

Hive health media is an emerging health and fitness lifestyle publisher. Designed to give both publishers and advertisers a focused target audience, Hive Health Media connects with a diverse group of people who share the common interests of health and fitness.

Hive Health Media was founded in 2010 and acquired by Whipp Media who now own and operate the website.

Sahar (El-Hodiri) Aker – Columnist / member blog

Sahar is a veteran TV Health Reporter who’s traveled from the newsrooms of television stations in Texas, Iowa, and Kansas and somehow landed in the blogosphere.  As a journalist with a passion for healthy diet and exercise, Sahar is always looking for fun ways to do both. Since 1994, Sahar has interviewed hundreds of doctors and patients in many cities and have had her stories air on local TV stations across the country, as well as on CNN.  You can also find more articles by Sahar at Fat Fighter TV.

Dan Bassett, PhD.  Columnist / Member blog

Dr. Dan is a researcher in the area of predator – prey interactions who has a personal interest in the evolutionary and scientific basis for paleo diets.  You can find healthy living tips, recipes, and stories from dieters at his blog, Darwin’s Table.

Contributing Authors:

  • Noel BlancoIn addition to being a health & Fitness enthusiast for the past ten years, Noel is pursuing graduate studies on Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of the Philippines.  Noel contributes news articles as well as weight loss tips and advice.  
  • Alexandra WilliamsAlexandra has a graduate degree in counseling and also provides fitness advice in an entertaining style at her blog, Fun and Fit.  Currently, she teaches in the Exercise Science, Sports & Recreation department for the University of California.
  • Claire Al-Aufi Claire’s one of the latest additions to our team of writers.  Her focus is on breaking and sometimes controversial health, fitness, and nutrition topics.
  • To see our growing list of contributing authors:

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