Acupuncture: An Ancient Solution to Modern Warfare Problems

War is never pleasant. It affects people in a grave way, but to those who are in the battle field war is simply hell. Soldiers and people who have witnessed war go home aa different person. They are badly affected by war physically, mentally and emotionally. So where does an ancient Chinese medical method, specifically acupuncture comes in this picture? Surely an ancient healing method doesn’t have anything to do with modern warfare. But here we are wrong, the US military is applying this ancient Chinese healing technique on top injuries of their soldiers and surprisingly the results are good, actually they are off the charts. Here are some major areas where this ancient old technique helps a modern problem.

1. Battlefield Acupuncture for Concussions

Concussions happen in battle all the time and the major cause of this in the war in Iraq are the homemade bombs. Even those who bear no physical injury suffer concussion from them. Concussion, also known as mild brain trauma is caused by the pressure wave travelling through the brain, so it happens without hitting the head. Here they used a developed version of acupuncture by an air force physician: battlefield acupuncture. This helps soldiers with concussion heal so that they are able to return to the front quickly. And as stated above they are getting good results. Soldiers having concussions undergoing battlefield acupuncture are having fewer headaches and able to sleep well, and sleep is important in healing concussions. The air force is not alone in this; the US navy has trained 50 doctors in acupuncture.

2. Chronic Pains of Soldiers

Many soldiers go home from war and experience chronic pain, even soldiers who are still in the battle field. And usually this is because soldiers and marines routinely carry out heavy loads; they carry about sixty to more than a hundred pounds of gear. And carrying these everyday on their duty caused a lot of the chronic pains suffered by soldiers. And because they are soldiers they have to bear the pain, because they are the men who are supposed to be not weak. In the battle field you will think that you are tougher than you really are. Acupuncture helps relieves chronic pain and this is a good thing because this will lessen the intake of pain medications. Many patients have reported that acupuncture actually relieves chronic pain with regular sessions of acupuncture.

3. Unhealed Wounds of Women on the Battlefield

War is not a good place for any man, let alone a woman. There many wounds a woman can get from war and these wounds usually gape open even though they have left the battlefield for a long time. Only a lucky few who had their wounds healed. Many are still in trauma with their experience and with what they have witnessed during the war. Acupuncture helps because it can change the way how you feel. It takes away the emotional pain, ease your grief, weakens the effect of shock and because of this, women are able to open up about their trauma and when they do they learn to let go, accept what they have been through and eventually heal.

The information above is taken from the US, however NaturalTherapyForAll interviewed some of their registered UK-based acupuncturists and some of them are willing to offer treatments for our war heroes. So if you know anyone who just came back from Afghanistan and is suffering from conditions stated above you only need to contact us at [email protected], we offer our help.


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  • March 9, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Acupuncture for the restoration of consciousness can be quite effective. Try DU26!

  • March 3, 2011 at 3:23 pm

    I never thought of using Acupuncture for people who have come back from war. What a great idea! I loved this article, funny cartoon too!


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