Add Some Glitter to Your Beauty with Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re fed up with the way you look then now is the time to consider adding a little glitter to your beauty with cosmetic surgery. There is an entire range of new cosmetic procedures available to patients from the start of 2013, and if you’re looking to improve your image then one of these procedures might be the ideal solution for you.

Don’t forget, cosmetic surgery is not just for women; an increasing number of men are now opting to have elective surgery to improve both their appearance and their confidence. Before you commit to cosmetic surgery be sure to do plenty of research on both your surgeon and your procedure and be 100% confident that you want the work done!

Be Beautiful with Non Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Non invasive cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not surprising, as surgery can be quite scary! However, with non invasive cosmetic procedures you can achieve a whole new look without the fear of going under the knife.

Here are some exciting and effective non invasive cosmetic procedures that you can consider for 2013.

Body Sculpting and Fat Freezing

Let’s face it, almost all of us feel that we could do with losing a few pounds, and while there is the option to have invasive surgery many of us consider this an extreme solution to the problem. Scientists and surgeons have been working together on a range of new procedures, and one of the most popular non invasive procedures for 2013 will be body sculpting using radiofrequency and fat freezing.

The statistics on the success of this procedure are yet to be analyzed and published, but it is safe to say that given its non invasive nature this procedure will probably be a big hit with patients.

liquid facelift

Liquid Facelifts

Surgical procedures around the face can be extremely worrying for some patients, and with the number of horror stories increasing its understandable why so many patients are wary of going down this route.

However, liquid facelifts, that use facial fillers, are a great way to bring back the youthful appearance to your face without having to go through surgery.

Be Brave with Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

While non invasive procedures are becoming increasingly popular, there are still some treatments that require patients to go under the knife.

Breast augmentations are still popular, but the majority of women who want this treatment done have now done so. Now it seems there is an increase in the demand for ‘mommy makeovers’ and Brazilian style buttocks.

Mommy Makeover

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling, and being a mother is an honor no parent would want to sacrifice. However, many mothers are left with body image issues following the birth of their baby. Mothers that have had two children or more are especially prone to suffering with a variety of noticeable effects on their bodies.

The ‘Mommy Makeover’ is a combination of elective invasive procedures which include breast surgery (augmentation, reduction or lift), liposuction and a tummy tuck. These procedures combined can help new mums to feel as slim and as sexy as they did before they had a baby.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Perhaps the biggest cosmetic surgery craze for 2013 will be the Brazilian butt lift.

This procedure helps women to achieve the large but well rounded bottom that is most commonly naturally found in women with a Brazilian heritage; however, with this incredibly popular cosmetic surgery any women can achieve the look of a pert round bottom.

Be Inspired by New Technology

Stem Cells

Stem cells have been making big waves in the media, and the potential stem cells have to help surgeons in both the medical and cosmetic world is incredible. At the moment stem cell trials are still in process, so you’ll need to wait a little longer before you can book in a stem cell treatment.

However, 2013 is going to be the year that stem cell research is really pushed through, so keep your ear to the ground to find out about stem cell treatments near you.

Vectra 3D technology

Vectra 3D technology can be used to give patients a very realistic and clear picture of how their body will look before and after a variety of cosmetic procedures, including facial surgery, breast augmentation and body sculpting.  This technology will be increasingly used in practices around the world from 2013.

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