How Effective Are Addiction Treatment Centers?

Drug addiction being a major crisis in the United States, there has been a sharp rise in the number of the addiction treatment centers. This certainly has helped a lot in battling this dreadful crisis. However, people should also look at it from a different side which reminds of a grave threat.  It is because a significant part of the population has fallen victims to drug addiction that there arose the need to implement so many treatment centers.

The advent of ample drug treatment rehabilitation centers is basically an alarm to the whole nation, reminding of the big social evil of drug addiction.  It is only these centers that can provide relief to drug addicts by curing them effectively; restoring them to the normal lives they lead before they got addicted to drugs.  A drug addiction treatment center not only gives treatment to drug addicts, also aims to educate people about drug addiction, helping society to change its negative perspective about drug addiction.


Although the drug rehab centers are continuously set up to combat the venom of drug addiction, the population of drug addicts does not seem to cease. Studies show that every year several teenagers and young adults are introduced to substance abuse. While some manage to survive after being the right addiction treatment, several others lose their lives as result of the addiction. There are also many cases where the addict failed to recover simply he was too late for the treatment to function successfully.

Cases where patients even after undergoing successful treatment have fallen into relapse are also common instances.  To ensure that the patient does not go into relapse, experts advise people to follow aftercare programs.  It is important that each one of us understand that only medication is not enough to prevent the patient from going back to the habit of taking drugs.

There are various types of drug addicts who use different types of drugs. Not every patient of drug addiction uses illegal drugs. Many are addicted to prescription drugs as well. Getting patients of drug addiction treated effectively at the addiction treatment centers does not mean that the problem of drug addiction is being combated efficiently. Before a patient is taken for treatment, it is important for him or her to understand why does he or she need to go for the treatment and why he or she is going there for the treatment.

It is required for people to understand that they must never force an addict to go to a center.  It is while undergoing the treatment at the center that the patient is made to realize the worth of drug free life and why is it important for people to abstain from drugs.

One important thing that people should know about addiction treatment is that there is no single treatment program for patients suffering from drug addiction. Depending upon the condition of the drug addiction, the treatment type will be chosen accordingly. Neither should professionals act too lenient while treating the patients, neither should they act extremely strict with the patients.

Dealing with them in a very affectionate way will only do bring about desired results.  It is only through this way that patients will start adapting better to the treatment procedure. Medication plays an important role in curing the patient. So does the environment. The environment inside the drug rehab center is an important determinant in the recovery of the patient. Experts opine that instead of choosing a typical clinical setting for a center, families of patients should admit them to centers that have a residential setting as it certainly has a positive impact on the treatment process.

Rodney Knight

The author Rodney Knight is a renowned writer of articles, features and blogs who mainly concentrates on various health and mental issues like drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and troubled relationships and their subsequent treatment.

2 thoughts on “How Effective Are Addiction Treatment Centers?

  • July 27, 2013 at 6:12 am

    I agree with you, Mr. Rodney that sealing with the drug addicts affectionately will bring about the desired results. When I was in college, a friend of mine was so addicted to drugs and because of that it has to face a lot of health problems. Then his parents took him to the drug rehabilitation centre and treated him with love so that he could overcome that situation. This is a really nice article.

  • February 4, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Although much of the article is accurate, other parts alarmingly miss the point. Addiction like diabetes is a disease treatable, not curable. Prescription addiction needs addressing above the level of the patient, managed healthcare holds a particularly high responsibility for the addiction. What I mean here is, Dr.’s don’t get paid by insurance if med have not been dispensed. 9 of 10 Psychiatrist are far more dangerous than helpful as they do not actually understand addiction and how to treat it- seek an addictionologist. And lastly, some who became dependent on pain meds may be returned to “normal”, but most others use in reaction to life situations, returning them to normal is simply setting them back in front of the same train.
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