Advanced Training Tips on Improving your Grip

People tend to neglect their grip strength, when they shouldn’t.  For example in the gym the focus is usually on how much weight you can lift. What people don’t usually realise is that if they had a better grip strength they would actually be able to lift a lot more. The reason for this is because it is a person’s grip that goes before their muscles reach failure. This is why you see powerlifters (the really big lifters) using straps, it’s because they know about grip strength and that it will go way before their muscles do.

This example isn’t used to say that grip strength is only important for weight lifters, it was just the best example. Grip strength is actually important for many different people. Rock climbers need a good grip in order to be able to hang onto to small ledges for as long as they need to, golfers need a good grip strength so they can put enough power into their swing and to prevent the club from flying off afterwards. The main point being grip strength is important for number of different reasons.

The problem is some people will naturally have a better grip strength than others. This can put some people at a disadvantages, but there is no need to worry. This post will explain some advanced training tips for improving your grip. It doesn’t matter if you already have a pretty strong grip or if you don’t have a good grip at all. These training tips will help you.

Hang From A Pull-Up Bar

If you don’t have access to a gym and a pull up bar, this isn’t a problem, you will just have to find something similar that you can hang from. This tip is pretty straightforward and self explanatory. All you need to do is grip onto the pull up bar (or similar) and use your grip strength to hang from it for as long as you can. Make sure that you make note of how long you can grip on for so that you can track your improvements. Keep doing this and your grip strength will improve rapidly.

You can also make it harder for yourself by using less fingers to maintain your grip on the bar. Another advanced tip is to wrap a towel around the bar. The reason why this is good is because it makes the bar thicker, which is harder to grip onto so doing so will help your grip strength to improve brilliantly.


Pinching is also pretty self explanatory but it works. All it means is pinching any heavy object between your fingers for as long as possible until you drop it. The heavier the weight the harder it is to do and the more it will help improve your grip strength. This exercise is really great to use as you can literally do it with any object that you can find. Rocks, heavy books and 2 litre pop bottles are all good to use.

Homemade Farmers Walk

The farmers walk is when you hold on to a heavy object in each hand and walk around with them until your grip goes. It is a popular task on the Worlds Strongest Man contest. But you don’t need some ridiculously heavy weights to help improve your grip strength. Again you can do it with almost any heavy object, although it is best if they have handles that you can hold onto. Shopping bags are good for this. Simply load a couple of shopping bags with some heavy items and walk around your house with them until you cannot hold them for any longer. As this task gets easier you will need to use heavier and heavier objects.

[box]So there you have 3 advanced tips for improving your grip strength. They are all really straightforward but really do work wonders for your grip.  This guest post was written by Endre R., freelance writer and blogger in health related topics. This time he represents Dualfit, a popular fitness resource online. Read the their vertical leaping guide by Dualfit to learn more about how to stay fit. Read his latest rants on Twitter.[/box]


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