How Aloe Vera Can Help You Achieve Weight Loss?

Aloe vera is no doubt one of the wonder herbal products that has taken the world by a storm. It is now the main product of some companies in the 500 fortune companies in the world including Forever Living Company based in the USA.  Of the many purported health benefits, many consumers wonder if aloe vera can help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Yet this product is not really new to the traditional herbal medicine industry. It has been used for treatment of human and animal illnesses and also as beauty products in almost all the continents in the world. Due to its preference for warmer climates, it is found in the tropics and does well in countries along the equator.

Lose Weight with Aloe Vera?


The leaves and the roots are used in most cases. A concoction is made from these parts of the plant and taken as it is r sweetened to dull the bitter taste. Mixtures can be made with other products with medicinal benefits such as honey products, vanilla or used as a cream.

How Aloe vera contributes to Weight Loss

  • It aids in removal of extra water in the cells: all metabolic processes end up releasing water as a by-product. This means that your body generates water from internal sources besides the external or water that you drink.
  • Helps build enough supply of vitamins and minerals which help in burning excessive fats: there are Vitamins such as B12 that are required for metabolism. By taking Aloe vera, you would improve the availability of the B12 and other similar vitamins. The body therefore becomes efficient in energy utilization, reduces the false hunger and reduces energy intake. The high metabolism also increases demand for drinking water and this helps clean the body organs.
  • Promotes a lean body: the use of Aloe vera helps in catabolism of fatty acids and leaves little stored in the skin and other body organs such as the heart muscles. The individual becomes leaner and has a feel good effect.
  • It reduces body mass index: this results in less energy demanded leading to less food intake.
  • It is rich in collagen protein: and therefore promotes muscle development and weight loss.

How to Ensure Effective Use of Aloe vera in Weight Loss

  • Seek professional advice: even though most natural products are not known to have bad reactions with human body system, it helps to seek advice from your physician. Depending on the soil type that the aloe plant was grown, you may find high amounts of sulfur in the aloe product.
  • Start off by cleansing the colon: the effectiveness of your digestive system often contributes to weight gain. Therefore before you get into weight loss program, take the specially formulated Aloe vera solution that helps to remove the toxic wastes that often remain in the colon.
  • Avoid the high calorie foods: however much Aloe vera products that you consume, you will be neutralizing the effects of Aloe by eating foods that have higher amounts of calorie. The extra calorie would end being converted into fats and stored in adipose tissues. Therefore make a decision to completely cut off the use of foods high in calories and less in fiber content. These are often junk foods and foods high in fats.
  • Ensure that you have a regular program of exercising: there is no magic to cutting weight without an actual physical process. The biochemical process such as enhanced metabolism in the cells will only aid the body to burn the fats faster but would still require the actual metabolic process.

Other medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera

  • Enhances the circulation of blood: by cutting down on the fatty acid deposits, Aloe vera helps in the veins and capillaries to have more space and a low better circulation of blood. This improves individual performance in work because of being more alert. The blood will carry more oxygen and other nutrients which are essential for body function. The threat of high blood pressure is reduced.
  • Boosts immune system: Aloe vera on its own has antibiotic properties and even anti-protozoa effect.
  • Improves the immune system: it cleans the fat deposits in the blood capillaries which allows more space for blood flow.
  • Promotes cartilage formation: this is because Aloe vera supplies the materials required for cartilage formation such as sulfur based amino acids.
  • Contains essential amino acids: the Aloe vera drink is rich in Serine, Methionine and Threonine. These are amino acids that have sulfur bonds and therefore good for the formation of hair and nails.

In finishing, Aloe vera is definitely a wonder drug. Its benefits are proven scientifically and therefore guaranteed results. You can take it without a doctor’s prescription therefore safe for most of the family members. You could also mix it with other foods and therefore very easy to serve. If you may be having allergic reactions, then you need to seek medical advice.

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This is an article by guest author Aqeel Syed who blogs about home remedies and natural meditation at his health blog

3 thoughts on “How Aloe Vera Can Help You Achieve Weight Loss?

  • June 27, 2011 at 8:25 pm

    I love Aloe Vera – have been growing it for 3 decades for my personal use, have been preserved from bad scarring after burns & an operation, have occasionally ingested a few doses. However it is a medicine not a food & I shall, after reading the article below, be most circumspect in future about putting it inside my body.

    Aloe vera extract gave rats tumours
    “The rodents were given relatively high doses of a whole-leaf extract of aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) over two years. In rats given water containing 1.5 per cent by weight of the extract, 39 per cent of females and 74 per cent of males had malignant or benign tumours in their large intestines. None of these growths were seen in rats given pure drinking water.”

    Yep they’re rats & were given high doses but thatz a lot of tumors.

  • June 27, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    So are you going to tel us how to make aloe vera juice?

  • June 27, 2011 at 4:57 am

    My husband had always been obese, weighing over 100 Kgs (height 180 cm). After introducing Aloe Vera in our home, he has gradually lost about 10 Kgs.
    How did he achieve this?
    Most importantly, taking Aloe Vera daily in the morning.
    I restricted his diet to less oily items and avoided fried food. For excercises, he took to brisk walking once a day.
    This has helped him to shed weight, especially from the waist.


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