3 Alternative Medical Treatments from the Future

In today’s world, pharmaceutical companies have so much sway and influence that many alternative medical treatments are often scoffed at for being either unsubstantiated or ineffective, and because of this, many alternative methods that can be more effective are left in the dust. On the bright side, this has not stopped companies from trying to change the minds of the public with new alternative methods meant to make life better for everyone.

Melisa Gregory's fall at Skate Canada

For example, one treatment being used is laser bone healing, a way of helping broken bones heal faster than normal. Having been used in experiments, doctors have used low-level lasers on broken bones and have been amazed at the results. Broken bones that normally take 6 weeks to heal, when treated with the laser therapy, were healing in half the time, taking only 3 weeks to heal instead. One example is a story from ice skater Melissa Gregory, a 3-time US silver medalist, who broke her foot. Due to using the cold laser therapy, she was able to get back to skating far sooner than anyone believed possible. A big reason that this works is the laser speeds up the healing process by stimulating cell growth and regeneration. Although it has yet to be passed for market use by the FDA, tests are still being conducted to change that status.

Other alternative methods include a new percussor, a device that can help alleviate muscle pain. This is done by emitting lasers that break up scar tissue and loosen up tight muscles. This eases tension in the body, which is often a source of muscle pain. Another problem this percussor is capable of solving is chest congestion. By once again acting as a loosening agent, the percussor loosens the mucus in your lungs, allowing it to flow freely for you to be able to cough it up on your own.

Another problem that is occurring in the world is the high presence of toxins in the environment. With air pollution, high amounts of food preservatives, cancer-causing elements, and various chemicals in our water, people are catching health problems that are eroding our general well-being. Fortunately, there are ways to detoxify our bodies, without having to sit in a sauna for an hour every day. The way to do it is by using ionic therapy, a way to neutralize negatively charged toxins and expel them from your body. There are machines that allow you to do this in your own home, simply by taking a bath. By ionizing your bath water, small, charged currents pass through the water into your body and neutralize the toxins, allowing them to be leaked from your pores.

It seems that electronic devices are swiftly making their way on to the medical scene, and although they are still seen as just an alternative method, the experiment results seem to point that they may be more than an alternative, but as the best way to go about solving our medical problems.

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