Does America Have a Dental Health Crisis?

Representatives of the Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging, a group which abides by the United States Senate Committee on Health, Education Labor and Pensions, have said that the nation is facing a major dental health crisis. The report cited shows a huge discrepancy between dental care coverage among wealthy citizens and that of lower-wage families. As a result of this gap, minorities, people who live in rural communities and pregnant woman in low-income positions oftentimes lack dental care even at the most basic level. They are forced to resort to emergency procedures too late, when dental care can get risky, not to mention expensive.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay?

It’s vital for individuals to be reminded that tooth decay can be easily prevented with regular check-ups and cleanings. There is something definitely wrong when patients are rushed to the emergency room for intensive treatment of oral diseases that could have been prevented by a few fillings. While the general lack of dental care for poorer families in the US is being dealt with at the federal level, a proper dentist should urge families to make an appointment for affordable dental services. Schedule a consultation with a dentist who can inform you of your options when it comes to maintaining dental health for you and your whole family.

Finding affordable dental care is difficult for families who don’t have access to a good local dentist. The current hope is that better regulation will allow these citizens to get the dental care they need without paying expensive bills for a dental insurance plan. Low-income families may not have the luxury of exercising preventative dental care, but that only makes things worse, and more expensive, later on when more serious procedures are necessary. While some dentists will offer free dental care to those families who can’t pay for it, the number is relatively low.

Affordable Dental Care

Data from the aforementioned report suggests that instead of resorting to expensive emergency room procedures for dental care, low-income families and minorities need affordable dental care from dental professionals that are willing to help. Accessible preventative care is essential in turning this dental health crisis around. In this day and age, it’s entirely avoidable to see any more patients suffering horribly unnecessary deaths that can be traced back to a lousy tooth infection.

Availability of antibiotics necessary to treat oral diseases and various dental conditions is completely necessary to maintain overall health of the American public. It is becoming more and more a civic duty to give our citizens this basic dental care. In the world’s leading nation, is there really any excuse?

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Phyllis Schaub DDS is a Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist who performs general preventative dentistry in addition to providing cosmetic dentistry services

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