Amount of Uninsured Americans Increases Prior To The Launch of the Affordable Health Care Act

Almost half of the United States population of working adults, had inadequate healthcare coverage, or not enough coverage last year. This widening deficit should be something that the Affordable Care Act can easily mitigate, information from the Commonwealth Fund declares.

Roughly 84 million people were either uninsured or underinsured, three million more people than when the healthcare law was originally signed in 2010, and twenty million more than in 2003. Eighty million adults that have had or who have had medical conditions that required doctor care, chose not to visit with a medical practitioner, or have a prescription filled, because they feared the cost that would entail.


Eighty five percent of the population that is underinsured or uninsured will be eligible for subsidized government health insurance that was written into United States law, once the primary parts of the law take effect in January 2014. There are a lot of younger adults that are already benefiting from some of the provisions that were written into the subsidized plan. Individuals between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five who were at one point uninsured, has fallen from the year prior to forty-one percent, in opposition to forty-eight percent, back in 2010.

In a statement released by the Commonwealth Fund, Sara Collins, who assumes the vice president spot for the Affordable Health Care Act believes that it is going to be important to monitor the effects that the new law will have when all of its major provisions are expected to go into effect in 2014. Monitoring will need to be done to ensure that the plan is able to achieve its goal. The goal of the act is to provide the residents of the United States with a comprehensive insurance plan.

Out of the eighty-four million people who were cited in the group of individuals who lacked proper coverage, roughly fifty-five million of these people were uninsured in 2012. Thirty million people were underinsured. The individuals who were underinsured had health insurance coverage, but did not have an adequate amount of coverage that would stop them from having to pay a large portion of their income into covering medical expenses.

The Affordable Health Care Act will provide insurance coverage two twenty-seven million people, by the year 2021. The Commonwealth Fund believes that with this extension, they are making a fundamental transformation to the present state of the healthcare systems.

President Obama Affordable Care Act

The success of the new healthcare system transformation is going to rely heavily on state operated services. States are being required to implement certain exchanges by October 2013, to prepare citizens for this new transformation that will be in effect by January 2014. The exchanges that the states will be implementing are to be set up like healthcare marketplaces. They will offer individuals who do not presently have healthcare coverage at their employers the ability to enroll in subsidized plans for the following year.

Medicaid, which is a federal healthcare system for low-income individuals, will be expanding its services to adults that fall near the poverty levels. These adults, used to be ineligible for coverage, unless they had children.

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