Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

It’s a sad fact of life that as we age, our skin beings to show visible signs of it. In fact, from as early as our mid 20s our skin’s ability to renew itself, producing healthy, plump cells which work perfectly to hold the ultimate mix of lipids and moisture, has reduced considerably.

This imperfect system results in dull, tired looking skin crisscrossed with fine lines and wrinkles. Many don’t realize that at the tender age of just 25 our skin is classed as ‘mature’. However, there are ways in which we can slow the process of visible aging down, both as preventative measures and to treat existing problems. Our guide features easy steps to more youthful looking skin, and not one of them involves needles or knives!

Benjamin Button Skin Care TipsBeauty Sleep

It seems like an obvious tip but how many of us actually get our eight hours a night? Lack of sleep plays havoc with our skin, resulting in puffy eyes, dark circles and a sallow complexion. Crucially, sleep is the body’s time to regenerate, when skin cells attempt to repair damage caused by external aggressors such as pollution, UV rays and stress. When the body is in stasis, the cells are able to produce more protein, allowing them to rebuild and repair.

Limit Sun Exposure

We all love the feel of the sun on our skin but the sun’s UV rays can be incredibly damaging, causing premature cutaneous aging and age spots. In fact, exposure to UV rays accounts for over 90% of premature skin aging, as it damages collagen fibers, causing wrinkles, and impairs the enzymes which help repair damaged DNA.

The sun may feel great and we might look good with a tan but it’s also making us look older. And don’t even think about using a sun bed instead – they emit such powerful UV rays that many are stronger than the midday Australian summer sun and this doesn’t just cause premature aging but puts you at a far greater risk of skin cancer.

Protect Your Eyes

Squinting in the sunlight causes wrinkles around the delicate eye area and even on a cloudy day the sun’s powerful rays will penetrate, resulting in skin damage if you’re not protected. Plus, long-term sun exposure can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts, which is not good for the health of your eye or your look. Use a moisturizer with a high SPF, always keep a pair of sunglasses in your handbag and pop on a wide-brimmed hat on a particularly sunny day.

Feed Your Skin

Give your skin what it needs, both inside and out. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and keep it hydrated with moisturizer. There are dozens of anti-aging products on the market, some of which are better than others, but if you only do one thing then invest in an anti-wrinkle eye cream or gel. The delicate skin around the eyes exhibits the visible signs of aging before anywhere else and really needs to be taken care of.

As a beauty writer, Emily Buckley is bombarded with information on the newest products and breakthroughs out there and loves to share her tips with others, especially as part of her collaboration with Laser Sight, Australia’s leading specialist in Lasik laser eye surgery.

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