April Is National STD Awareness Month

It’s April and that means more than nice weather on the way. It’s also a time to talk about the risks and dangers associated with STDs.

The CDC in cooperation with The American Social Health Association has deemed April as National STD Awareness Month. A time to observe the growing issue with STDs across America.

It’s estimated that around 19 million people will become infected with an STD this year alone adding to the millions of people already infected. And out of the 19 million people who are expected to become infected almost half of them are going to be teens and young adults. In fact a study in 2008 it was found that one in four girls between the ages of 14 and 19 have at least one STD and a bunch of them didn’t even know it.

That’s why this national observance is so important. Without testing you may be carrying an STD and not even know it, and then possibly pass it to your partner. Often many STDs can be asymptomatic meaning your infected but show no signs and this can be very dangerous.

STDs such as Gonorrhea may show symptoms but will often be mistaken for something else or just not noticed (see: Gonorrhea symptoms) and without treatment it can develop into PID or can even make a person unable to have children.

This is why this April Your STD Help is encouraging everyone that is sexually active to get tested for STDs and HIV. For more information about National STD Awareness Month and where to get tested in your town visit Your STD Helps STD Awareness Month Resource page.

Jennifer Anderson

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