Are You Addicted to Coffee?


How Do You Kick the Habit?

Here are a few of my suggestions:

  1. Try coffee alternatives, like Teecino, Caro extra or Bambu (made with roasted chicory and malted barley).
  2. Try tea alternatives, like Rooibosch tea (red bush tea) and herbal or fruit teas.
  3. Slowly cut down your added sugar units by a quarter each week for four weeks, until you get close to zero added units. Remember that this pertains to tea and coffee mostly.
  4. Try cola and fizzy alternatives, like flavored still or spring water.

Are you addicted to caffeine/stimulants? Have you tried any healthy alternatives? Do you have a few more suggestions on how to kick the habit to add to mine? Post your comments below.

Yours in health and peak performance,

Christopher Govender (Diet and Nutrition TV)

Chrisopher Govendor

Chris Govendor is the proud owner of Diet and Nutrition TV. The idea for creating Diet and Nutrition TV developed from his personal experience working with athletes, bodybuilders and health and fitness enthusiasts.

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