Avoid These Mistakes When Exercising

The best fat burning exercises are the ones which burn the most calories in the shortest period of time. After all if you want to target body fat it’s all about achieving a calorie deficiency through a diet and fat burning workouts.

However, don’t go over the top with your calorie deficiency through your fat loss routine, The reason I say this is because if you burn too many calories through working out your body may not recover adequately the end result is feeling lethargic and totally unenthusiastic about exercise.

Avoid These Mistakes When Exercising

Calories and Your Fat Burning Exercise

What you should aim to do is burn calories through exercise for 30-45 minutes 3 to 6 times per week depending on your level of fitness. This kind of consistency over a week by week or month by month period will guarantee you success in your aim to reduce belly fat.

Now, it’s time to discuss fat burning exercises. Well the truth about fat burning exercises is that they are totally ineffective! Frequently, most women I train often ask if squats and lunges are good for burning off fat from the hips or thighs? At this point I give them a brief reply which is “NO!”

Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce fat by doing a certain exercise for that region. For example, crunches will not help to burn belly fat and chest presses will not reduce man boobs!

How to Burn Fat Fast

The only thing that is truly effect for the reduction of fat is cardio. Why cardio? well cardio such as running, rock climbing or swimming over a duration of 30 – 45 minutes helps to reduce the fat cells in your body. The reason why Cardio is far, far more effective in depleting fat is that it recruits more muscles of the body than isolation exercises such as crunches.

Muscles are like a engine of a car they need fuel. The fuel for a car’s engine is petrol\diesel and the fuel for the muscle of the body are calories from food. So the more muscles used the more calories burnt! (it really is this simple).
This is why it makes sense to use as many muscles as possible when doing your cardio.

So, based on this, I’ll ask you a question. Which exercise do you thing is more effective for burning calories swimming (using your arms mostly and legs a little) or Rock climbing (using both your arms and leg a lot)? The answer is of course rock climbing as you are recruiting more muscles than that of swimming. So, with this said expect to burn more calories in a half an hour rock climbing where you use all your muscles than swimming when you primarily use your upper body muscles.

Jogging or Walking Off Belly Fat

Whether living in a built up city or surrounded by vast open fields in the countryside these forms of exercise can be routinely carried out almost anywhere at any time! The beauty, also, of walking or jogging is that one can continue to increase the level of intensity depending on their improving fitness levels.

It can be simply done by introducing a moderately sloped hill to your usual route or even slightly incrementing the pace. The variety is vast which is why it’s one of the best fat burning exercises!

Top Tip: jogging and walking are fantastic but you need to keep pushing yourself to the next level every week, simply add weights to your body or increase the distance it needs to be a challange or it will not be effective.

Circuit Training

Personally, I find Circuit training to be one of the most hard hitting forms of fat burning exercises. This is simply because it burns more calories minute by minute than any other cardio vascular exercise.

So if you’re serious about burning body fat include one or two of these every week into your workout routine.

Cross Training

Cross training provides a total upper and lower body workout from the pushing and pulling of the handles and foot rests.

This results in a strengthening of the muscles, improved cardiovascular fitness and a good means of burning calories to target body fat.


Swimming’s a great low impact source of cardio to include in your weekly workout routine. It can be really refreshing for both the mind and body to take a dip in the pool or sea after a week of tough gym workouts. What’s more is that because it’s such a low impact form of cardio it takes a lot less time to recover from so no aches and pains in the morning!

Fat burning exercises can be done at any time of the day as per your convenience. However, the morning time before breakfast is the most ideal time as it has been proven to burn more fat than any other time in the day.

Final thoughts

It’s important to warm up before you conduct any form of exercise, stretching can improve performance and you will never see the best results without eating the correct food.
All of the above information is designed to motivate you to do more if you are just starting out please take things slow to begin with and no matter what stage of fitness you are at avoid over doing any exercise to prevent injury.

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