Be Vigilant: Foods That Help or Harm Your Teeth

3 Foods That Hurt Your Teeth

  1. Carbonated beverages: Even diet-beverages aren’t exempt from causing damage, advises Moore. In addition to the high sugar content in most manufactured sodas and teas, many of these beverages contain phosphoric and citric acids, which over time, erode tooth enamel.
  2. Candy and other sweets: Moore also warns against “long-lasting” sweets, those that either cling to the teeth, such as caramels or are exposed to the teeth for an extended period of time, such as hard candies and lollipops. However, the Yale Medical Group advises that if you are to indulge your sweet tooth, consume the item or beverage with a regular meal as the additional saliva your mouth will produce will reduce the negative effects of the sugary substance. (Sources: Moore, Yale)
  3. Starchy foods: Some foods are more prone to become stuck in the crevices between the teeth than others. For this reason, the Yale Medical Group also warns against consuming large amounts of starchy foods such as potato chips, soft breads, popcorn, white rice, white potatoes and pretzels.

For healthier teeth and a not-so-stressful visit to the dentist, steer clear of foods high in sugar and acids; rather, focus on adding fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as substances high in vitamin D and calcium.


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