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Taking care of yourself is not just about eating the good stuff, exercising and quitting the bad habits such as smoking and drinking.  There are also other things that you must consider in order for you to achieve the whole package.  What you do for yourself would reflect your personality and in the long run, you can see that your confidence level has also been increased.  So here are just a few simple beauty guides that you should do together with the balanced diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Hair:  Definitely, there is no such thing as an abrupt weight loss, but the right hairstyle will give you the just the trick to look the weight that you want – 10 pounds thinner.  Ask your stylist to do the haircut that will work for the shape of your face.  If you have fuller face and you want to slim it down a little, having side parts or side swept bangs will make your fuller face look a little less round.  By adding volume at the crown will slim the face by drawing the eye upward.  Asking your hairstylist for angled face framing layers cut an in just below your jaw line will help in defining your cheekbones and concealing a double chin you have been dying to hide.  On the other hand, having straight locks will help elongate your physique.

Face:  Try to prevent using those sneaky acne culprits as these products will just give more problems in the long run rather than helping you achieve healthier skin.  First, try not to use powder makeups that contain talc.  Makeups that contain talc may clog pores.  You can switch to a different formula such as talc face powder.  Next, this may have health benefits but dairy product may just add to your skin problems.  Research shows that the biggest milk drinkers are those who are more prone to experiencing breakouts in the face since dairy products have the same hormones that encourage oil production in humans.  You can try giving up dairy for a few months to see if your skin will clear up, but for health reasons, you can try taking calcium supplement in lieu of dairy products.

Body:  Never forget to moisturize.  Using regular soaps (without moisturizer component in it) actually washes out the natural oils in the body and your skin will look and feel dry.  Drinking water is one thing that helps regain the moisture of the skin but helping your skin by putting moisturizer or body lotion will speed up the process of regaining the moisture that was lost.


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