Beginner Tips for the Overweight Runner

Are you looking for some overweight beginner running tips? You’ve come to the right place and you’re doing the right thing for your health and well being. Starting a running program can be the wisest decision you’ve ever made—this is especially true if you’re struggling with weight problems or are really out of shape.

As a results, here are 3 beginner tips for the overweight runner:

Get motivated

Many beginners struggle to keep running due to lack of motivation. Motivation is key to consistency. If you lack the motivation to run, then you won’t make it far down. You’ll just start for one week, and give up the other; this only will get you frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, make sure to keep your motivation running high by following these simple tips:

  • Peer with a friend or family member for support and accountability;
  • Set small, realistic and achievable goals;
  • Take progress pictures and body measurements. Don’t put your faith in the scale.
  • Visualize success all the way through.

Build Up Gradually

One the deadly mistakes beginner runners make is trying to do to much too soon. During the first week of training , the motivation and drive are usually high, but that’s no excuse to overtrain. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself for failure from the get go. Instead, try the Walk-Run-Walk beginner program:

  • Week No. 1, you only walk for 30 minutes three to five times a week. noneed to running here, you’re just building your cardio foundation for future workouts.
  • Week No. 2, you add 30-45 seconds intervals of running with walking intervals. Repeat the pattern for 4 to 5 times.

[box type=”note”]And as the training progresses forward, add more and more running and less walking until you’ll be able to run straight for 30 minutes without much huffing and puffing.[/box]

Don’t Give Up

Running for overweight people is a quite challenge, and sometimes you just want to give up and stay in your comfort zone. There is no one to blame. In fact this is a natural part of the training program. However, what matter most, is how you handle the valley moments of your training that will determine your results.

As a result, be consistent with your training program. You can do this by keeping your motivation on the go, and at the same time, train within your current skill level. Don’t push too much on yourself.

Following the above simple program and knowing your limits are keys for long term success. Therefore, make sure to take action and adjust accordingly. Your speed of implementation matters most.

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