The Benefits Of Making Your Own Organic Shaving Cream

Today’s shaving creams are filled with toxic substances and tons of vegetable-based and animal based fat.  For organic lovers hearing that phrase is disgusting.  Fortunately men can use shaving cream that is toxic free.  In order to do that a person must make their own shaving cream using organic ingredients.  It may seem like a hard task but it is very easy to do.  There are benefits to making your own shaving cream.  After reading them you’ll never go back to using chemically made shaving creams again.

Healthy For the Environment

The obvious advantage of making organic shaving cream is protecting the environment.  Using plant/seed extracts, natural soap, essential oils, eggs, and honey (for example) these ingredients are part of the earth, not made in a factory.  Earth made products are not harmful; chemicals are.  Another advantage about organic shaving cream is there aren’t any toxins to make it harmful for the planet.

Healthy For the Skin

Making your own shaving cream from scratch is about having natural ingredients touching the skin.  This organic mixture will be safe enough for all types of skin.  Natural ingredients are there to improve the face as well as protect it.  It moisturizes and nurtures the skin.  It softens the skin and loosens the hair better than the chemical alternative.  There are no harmful toxins to alter the skin so there are no skin problems.  Sensitive skin people will especially appreciate this because the natural ingredients don’t cause an allergic reaction.  There is also less chance of a cut or razor burn.

Healthy For the Wallet

Stop purchasing chemically based shaving creams that alter skin components.  They are too expensive; a person is also taking a chance with how the skin will react to it.  Making organic shaving cream at home will save money.  Using seed extracts, essential oils and soap you use around the house a person can make their own shaving cream that doesn’t break the bank.  Using the organic shaving cream will save money in another way.  That would be a trip to the dermatologist to examine what is wrong with the skin and determine a cure.

There are plenty of resources out there that will teach anyone how to make a natural organic shaving cream.  This is great to use with a straight razor (electric or manual) for a perfect and natural feeling finish.  As always apply the shaving cream with a brush, not the hands, because it gives off a better lather.  The lather makes it easier to shave.  A bit of advice:  be sure to keep the mixture in a thoroughly cleaned container or jar in the refrigerator.  This is to make sure the shaving cream lasts for a long time.

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