Link Between Obesity and Heart Problems in Children

Many people assume that heart disease is a condition that people only need to worry about after they reach adulthood. Although more serious heart conditions do not present themselves in childhood or adolescence, children are not immune to the risks either.

February is American Heart Month. This year, researchers with are taking a closer look at the relationship between childhood obesity and heart disease. They believe that additional research may help spread awareness of lifestyle changes that may need to be implemented to help reduce the risk of heart problems in children and adolescents.

[box type=”note”]The researchers want to draw attention to the beginning of an epidemic. However, they also want to emphasize that heart conditions in children can also be controlled with better diet and additional exercise.[/box]

Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Childhood Obesity

The statistics from the American Hearth Association are alarming. They have found that over one-third of all children are either obese or overweight. These numbers have increased substantially over the past few decades.

Researchers claim that the results are not that surprising. They argue that children are picky eaters and likely to choose those types of foods that do not offer the best health benefits. However, children’s propensity for selecting foods that are high in saturated fats, cholesterol and sugar has been a constant for many years. Other social changes may be to blame now as well.

Fast Food and Obesity

Another possibility is that today’s children have easier access to fast foods and highly processed foods as well. Parents tend to be busier today than they were in previous years. They are more likely to make their children quick and easy meals than those that take time to really prepare. wants to make sure parents understand the importance of helping their children pursue a better diet. This can reduce the likelihood of them developing more serious heart problems in the future. has encouraged many people to share stories about their children’s heart conditions. One girl shared a story about how she had been tested as having high levels of dangerous fats such as triglycerides. Fortunately, after learning of the condition, they were able to help her lose weight and improve her prospects for a healthier future.

[box type=”important”]The website provides information to parents to help them understand the dangers of childhood obesity. Parents can also register with the site to receive monthly updates on new studies and expert advise on minimizing the risks associated with childhood obesity.[/box]


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