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Best Vegetarian Protein Sources

For some people being a vegetarian is a way of life and represents the way they perceive the world as a variety of creatures, which equally have the right to live. For others, it is a temporary way of eating fruit and vegetables in order to lose weight or just start living a healthier life. No matter of the reason, if a vegetarian diet is used properly it may turn into a healthy alternative to the traditional ones. For this purpose there are some sources of protein which you cannot skip in your daily meals if you have decided to become a vegetarian.


Whole grains and quinoa:

Whole grains, such as brown rice and whole grain bread, are a great source of proteins. But when it comes to protein content, quinoa is believed to be the queen of grains. It provides the body all the essential amino acids and can be cooked in a variety of delicious meals. Also, as it is completely gluten-free and quinoa is a great opportunity for those who follow gluten-free diet.

Whole eggs:

If we’re talking about vegans, this would not be a proper suggestion. But most vegetarians do include eggs in their meals so we could definitely mark them as one of the best protein sources. There is a reason why eggs are one of the most famous breakfasts all over the world. Both whites and yolks give the body proteins as well as some other great nutrients.

Tofu and soy products:

 Tofu is an alternative to meat. Along with other soy products it is rich of magnesium and iron. It also can be cooked in many different ways. As for the other products, you may have tasted soy milk or tofu before, but what about soy ice cream or soy yogurt? So add some soy nuts, for instance, to your daily dose of proteins. It’s the best substitute to meat!


 Last but not at least are nuts high in protein. Almonds have a great number of benefits and as we all know, are really tasty! If you want to add some protein to your green salad – almond butter is the best solution. It is less toxic and allergenic than peanut butter and has a give your meal really exotic taste.


 Well, these little guys are not the most popular vegetables, although they are a decent source of protein. Only one cup of boiled peas can provide you up to ten grams of proteins. Pretty good for ‘ not-so-popular ‘, don’t you think so?


 If you are not quite familiar with this delight, hummus is made of ground chickpeas, olive oil, salt, garlic and tahini (ground sesame seeds).It can be put in salads and sandwiches and ½ cup of it provides around 10 grams of quality protein.

Eating some vegetarian based food can be a wise idea. As you can see from the suggestions above, these foods can give you not only protein, but also plenty of other nutrients and amino acids. So mix them.Be creative and combine protein and fiberwith each meal or snack in a variety of ways, because this is the most important nutrition tip.

Emma is owner of a company that provides Golders Green, NW11 cleaning. Her passion are diets and healthy meals. She loves to share her experience with her readers.


  1. Radek

    July 23, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I have recently noticed, that couscous contains “big” part of proteins. I mix it with some vegetables and eggs and its quick a tasty food with proteins and vitamines.

  2. Chloe

    July 21, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I’m hearing more and more about quinoa. I even saw an entire cookbook dedicated to quinoa. I think it’s finally time to try it.

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