Beware of Unregulated Diet Pills

For more than 100 years American consumers have been searching for fast and inexpensive ways to lose weight. The battle against weight loss is one that affects almost everyone either directly or indirectly with 71% of the United States classified as obese.

To combat the obesity epidemic many companies have created diet and weight loss medications and supplements to help people shed the pounds regardless of the experts pleading for long-term lifestyle changes. Healthy nutritious food, moderate caloric intake, and regular exercise may be what is best for fighting obesity, but the market is still saturated with advertisements promising weight loss without effort. These products can cost more than money. Taking dangerous unregulated weight loss pills can cost your health and possibly your life.

Contaminated Diet Pills Can Kill

Not only do these weight loss pills leave you with the unwanted weight, they may also cause serious harm to the rest of your health. The FDA recently revealed that many of the supposed ‘all-natural’ diet pills may contain prescription drugs or untested compounds that can cause serious harm. The FDA has said that most these products are made in China without any regulation.  Michael Levy, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Division of New Drugs and Labeling Compliance says “We have seen deaths associated with these weight-loss products,” adds Levy. “Make no mistake—they can kill you.”

Consumer Awareness

The FDA has an informative website that publishes the latest news on supplements where you can follow current trends as well as research past products. These press announcements can also be followed by signing up on the email list. Consumers can also follow recalls and market withdrawals on the FDA website. If you encounter a weight loss or diet pill please visit the FDA homepage and search for the product.  This may work for some products, but remember the market is flooded with new supplements on such a fast pace that the FDA cannot check everything. In addition herbal supplements do not have to get FDA approval before they go on the market and are sold to consumers.

Key Points to Look Out for:

  • Promises to lose weight quickly
  • Products that guarantee results
  • Mass email marketing
  • Herbal supplements marked as a substitute to an FDA approved drug

As a rule please consult a health care professional before adding supplements or weight loss products to your diet. Be skeptical about outrageous claims that promise results as well as ‘testimonials’ produced by the company selling the products which promise results.

Remember the experts have not changed their tune regarding how to lose weight for many years while scores of weight loss products have come and gone. If you want to lose weight; Eat healthy, Eat less, and Exercise!

Scott Larsen

Dr. Scott Larsen is a practicing San Jose chiropractor. He is passionate about educating his patients and the public about health and wellness to help prevent disease.

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