What Causes a Bloated Stomach?

Having a bloated stomach is a large inconvenience; this condition is frustrating and irritating. The major causes of this condition are several. Luckily many of these causes can be easily avoided and easily fixed, so that you can get your flat stomach back. With just a few changes in your diet and feeding habits you will be able to get rid of the bloating stomach for good.

Bloated Stomach Causes:

Among the common causes of a bloating stomach are certain foods which usually cause the condition, intestinal gas, constipation and the IBS syndrome. This syndrome can cause bloated stomach (in Norwegian oppblåst i magen), stomach pain and diarrhea; it is a very common disorder. Bloated stomach can even be caused when you eat fast and take air while you are eating. When you avoid these common causes, you will surely be able to avoid the bloated stomach.


If you are having a bloated stomach due to constipation, then you can easily fix your problem. The best way to cure and take care of constipation is by increasing your fiber intake; this means that you should add more fruits, vegetables and nuts in your meals.  You should also start drinking more water and exercise a bit more if you want to get rid of constipation and the bloating stomach fast.

Eating Too Fast

Eating your meals fast is another common cause for a bloating stomach. This is so because when you eat fast you can take in air as well. The air that you take will definitely bloat your stomach. Therefore if you are used to eating your meals fast you should change your feeding habits a bit. Eating slowly and chewing your food good is essential when you are trying to get rid of a bloating stomach. A good exercise which will help you get use to slow eating is putting your fork down after each bite; this will leave you some time to chew your food and concentrate.

Foods that Cause Bloating

There are certain foods that can be a major cause of a bloating stomach, especially if you are not used to eating them on a regular basis. Salt for example is one of the foods that will make your belly bloat if you eat it in large amounts. Canned foods usually contain a lot of salt and because of this when you eat them you can often get a bloating stomach. Some vegetable can also cause the condition, broccoli for example are a common cause. Beans can cause a bloating stomach as well, especially if you eat them fast.

You can avoid the bloating stomach by avoiding large amounts of the foods which cause it. Another great way to avoid this condition is by breaking your three large meals into five or six smaller ones. This way you won’t stress your digestive system at once and this will definitely assist you to avoid a bloating stomach.

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2 thoughts on “What Causes a Bloated Stomach?

  • January 22, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Nice post. You forgot enzymes. Most people with age have less acid not too much causing bloating and acid reflux. Using enzymes like HCl and papaim/bromelain can be the “drano” to move the food through the stomach.

  • January 12, 2012 at 8:12 am

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