What are Body Hives and What Can You Do About Them?

Skin diseases can be pretty disturbing. They can cause a lot of stress to sufferers…and one of the most distressing types of skin disease is body hives.

What are Hives?

Hives come in many different forms. They may be flat, they may be reddish, they may be itchy. They may appear in one particular spot of your skin, say the face but they may also appear in different parts of the body. The latter is also known as body hives and it is the more serious condition that you must be wary about.

Although there is a wide variety of manifestations of hives, they are caused by the same thing. Body hives are usually caused by allergens or a foreign substance that your body is not taking in a nice manner. They appear as a reaction to histamines.


Hive Remedies

As caused by allergens, the number one remedy for hives is taking a dose of antihistamines. Before you start dosing, however, it is always advisable to take a doctor’s prescription. Consult a qualified physician to single out, first and foremost, if your condition is indeed, hives.

Taking antihistamines is not the only remedy for body hives. There are also natural treatments for this particular skin disease that can easily give you relief. One is by taking a cold shower. This is ideally for body hives patients whose condition is not caused by cold temperatures. In case of the latter, you may just put cold compress on specific areas where the swelling is disturbing. Cold compresses can reduce the swelling and relieve a minor case of this skin condition.

Another natural treatment that can help you avoid hives is to get rid of stress. Stress is a common trigger of body hives. Even when you take antihistamine prescriptions for your body hives, you still need to keep your stress in check to ensure that they will not come back.

Early treatment of body hives is needed to ensure that it will not translate into a bigger skin problem. Especially with body hives, which appears in most parts of the body, the development of welts is very possible. Welts are basically hives that occur deeper in the skin. This is when the allergy escalates, giving the patient a difficult time breathing.

To ensure that you are tackling your body hives the right way, consult a medical professional as soon as the itchy bumps are bothering you. You need to work closely with your doctor in finding the cause of your hives and finding the perfect remedy for them.

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  • February 11, 2013 at 7:11 am

    The easiest and fastest way for me to get a case of hives would be to take any antihistimine.


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