What Are the Best Body Weight Workouts?

Many of us don’t have the time to go to a gym and work out. We like quick fixes especially in today’s jet set age. We don’t wish to spend long hours at the gym or fitness center. Yet we all wish to sport a trim figure that will make us look and feel healthy. Not a bad idea at all. You can do it using body weight workouts.

Your body weight will give you resistance for the movement. If you’re uncomfortable working out in a gym you can try these body weight exercises to give your body some flexibility. For this you don’t need any expensive equipment.

These body weight exercises help you to strengthen all the muscles of your body.

Push ups, sit ups and pull ups

Repeating these workouts strengthen the arms and flattens the abdomen. Instead of lifting weights these, workouts will help you to attain more flexibility for your body. This is an effective work out to strengthen the core muscles of your body. Right from your arms, to your abs, to your thigh and calf muscles, the entire body works out and helps to even out the weight loss helping in fitness. It is not that you work out only your arms and see them bulging while your waist and legs look skinny. These exercises are a workout in totality.

Dips, planche and plank

Dips helps to build your arms, chest and back by hanging from a dip bar. The body is lowered until the arms are bent helping to strengthen the arms.

Planche is holding your body in the air and balancing your entire body weight in both your hands. Here the stomach muscles are pulled in and exercised helping you to shed weight around the middle. Trainers, strength and conditioning coaches are of the opinion that flex belt tied to your abdomen works out the abs and trx training bundles help you to hang face down and get you over all best body weight workout.

Plank helps to stretch by lying on the stomach and lifting your body with toes and forearms on the ground. This work out helps your abs, back and shoulders.

Chin ups, leg and calf rises

These are also some of the best body weight work outs. These help to burn a large amount of calories thus taking care of unwanted fat. It is important that you don’t strain yourself much. Give a variation to your body weight work outs and you’ll see the difference.

Advantages of body weight exercises

The advantage of any form of exercise is phenomenal and body weight exercises benefit both youngsters as well as seniors. They don’t need any equipment. You can simply hang from a tree branch in your backyard. Only see to it that the branch is strong enough to take your weight. You can also do pull ups using your door beam. Most of the body weight exercises require only the floor. So you see you don’t need great space to work out. Go for a simple jog/ walk or run and come back home to perform your body weight exercises. Combining this along with a protein diet and adequate nutrition will help you to sport sleeve bulging arms, six-pack abs and a great athletic body.


S. Srinivasan is a health blogger whose interest in fitness leads him to share his experiences with others. He has also written reviews on trx coupon code and flex belt coupons. Presently he is on the look out for coupons and discounts online for flex belts and trx training.


S. Srinivasan is a health conscious writer. He recently made available Weight Watchers coupons for monthly pass and Diet to Go coupons. He also blogs about trx training and flex belts.

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