Bodybuilding Basics

Fitness and bodybuilding today seems to be on everyone’s mind, whether be it the skinny or fat guy. However, just going through the motions will most definitely demotivate you and you will most likely drop out. This is a brief overview of how to successfully begin a fulfilling bodybuilding plan, one that encompasses not just training, but all aspects that need to be addressed.

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Bodybuilding Nutrition

This is the single most determining factor into your success at bodybuilding. The main reason many trainees fail to make progress in the gym, is because their nutrition is lagging. For the guy (or gal) to wants to lose a few (or a lot) extra pounds, they may be overeating, when the main premise of weight loss is caloric restriction. Vice versa, the guy who seems to never add any weight despite rigorous training may possess a caloric deficit, or more so one lacking sufficient protein. Protein is essentially the most important part of your diet, be it to lose fat (and maintain muscle), or increase lean body mass.

Rich sources of protein are meats, high quality beans, nuts and especially as new research is documenting, Chia seeds. In fact these seeds play a pivotal role whatever your goal may be, by suppressing appetite in the dieter’s circle; and providing sustained energy for the strength/ stamina athlete. They are also reasonably rich in protein. Carbohydrates and fats also have their appropriate time and place, to be discussed in a later article

Training Tips for Hardgainers

This is what gives the body the stimulus needed to change. It is a fact that the body is a very adaptive system, and it is impossible to continue progressing if the same principles are employed over and over. The main facet of a training regimen should be progression; which is the increase in weight or repetition in subsequent workouts. What this does is signal the body’s growth mechanisms to prepare (overcompensate) for a more intense workout next time, by increasing its size or shape. This is the principle of adaptation.

Likewise, a person trying to lose weight will eventually plateau after the body has altered its metabolic system; calories may be preferentially spared instead of burned. When this happens that person needs to either increase the intensity or the duration of the exercise. There are various training methods, and none is particularly better than the other. Your body type, along with a host of other factors all determine what will become the best method for you.


Many persons think of supplements as “magic bullets”, one that once taken guarantee exceptional results. While it is true that some supplements do improve the progress made when compared to if done naturally, many only function optimally when a strict diet and effective training method is employed. For example, the supplement creatine is touted to be able to increase lean body mass and strength.

While this is true, it will only most definitely yield results following a sufficient training load, adequate nutrition and supple rest. There are many supplements worth a try, but of course ample research must be conducted before consideration into these. For beginners, a quality whey protein supplements yields the best ratio of results when compared to cost.


This is the most underrated aspect of a bodybuilder’s life. Although appropriate nutrition and intense training are necessary to initiate growth and change, it is during sleep that the body really gets down to action. During sleep the levels of growth hormone and testosterone increase; these hormones being in large part responsible for muscle growth and fat loss.

[box type=”note”]Failure to address sleep issues will most likely hinder your progress, as well as possibly being detrimental to your health following intense cellular breakdown during your workout.[/box]

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