Burn Body-Fat with this Circuit Training Workout

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Circuit Training Workout

As a public service to all you Hive readers who are trying to burn off some of those Christmas calories, I would like to introduce you to this….

  • fat-burning,
  • inch shrinking,
  • muscle toning,
  • cardio building

….circuit training workout.

It’s a full body workout where we hit all your muscle groups in the comfort of your own home.

The Workout

  • 8 Exercises
  • 10 reps per set
  • 3-4 sets of each exercise

[box type=”note”]NOTE – When doing unilateral/alternating exercises (side squat, alternating lunges, shoulder/knee bike ) do 10 reps per side![/box]

The Exercises

  1. Side to Side Squat (emphasize stepping wide and getting low, keeping your weight back into your heels) X10/side
  2. Push-ups
  3. Shoulder to Knee Bicycle (emphasizing keeping elbows out in line with the ears and trying to reach your “shoulder” to you opposite knee.
  4. Alternating Forward Step Lunge (emphasizing keeping back/upper body straight, and stepping straight down into the front heel, not rocking back and forth)
  5. Strength Band Bent Over Row ( keeping back straight, chest out tall. tailbone back. Squeeze shoulder blades back and together as you pull)
  6. Elastic Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press ( separate both parts of exercise distinctly. as in perform a bicep curl, then from top of curl, begin your shoulder press. And especially, with natural pull-back of elastic, important to resist and control the movement back to start)
  7. Full-Range Abdominal Curl (keeping feet flat on floor whole time. Rounding you back to the floor as you go down taking weight away from your low back and ensuring abdominals are muscles being contracted/activated)
  8. Jumping Jacks (full extension of arms and legs, full range motion)

Complete the circuit 3-4 times for max result.


Advanced: Try taking no rest in between sets of circuit- so going right from jumping jacks back into squats for set 2 and so forth

Beginners/Intermediate: take 30-60 second break in bw sets, working your way to shorter and shorter breaks to maximize the cardio aspect of the workout.




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