Can Eating Apple Peels Reduce Obesity Risks?

A new study from the University of Iowa has found that a compound in apple peels could reduce the risk of developing obesity. The study was led by Christopher Adams, a medical internists and professor at the University of Iowa. Adams argued that the ursolic acid in apple peels can help increase muscle mass. It also helps create brown fat cells.

Apple Peels Reduce Obesity Risk?

Both muscle tissue and brown fat burn calories play a key role in burning calories. If Adams’s findings can be supported with followup studies, physicians may encourage their patients to eat apple peels and other foods with high levels of ursolic acid.

The study analyzed mice over the course of the month-long study. All mice were given a high fat diet. However, some mice were also given ursolic acid in their diet as well. Adams and his team expected the mice eating the ursolic acid to build muscle tissue more quickly. They didn’t expect the mice would also grow more brown fat cells, which research from Harvard Medical School shows can also be effective at burning calories.

Ursolic Acid in Apple Peels?

Previous research on mice has shown that increasing consumption of ursolic acid can improve overall health characteristics. However, the new study focused on treating obesity, which previous research neglected to study in detail.

Adams said his findings could be encouraging to people who are fighting obesity. However, he cautioned that his research may not necessarily apply to people. Many medical researchers believed they made groundbreaking research when studying rodents, only to learn that their findings didn’t apply to humans. However, Adams hopes additional studies will confirm that consuming ursolic acid can be effective for treating obesity in humans as well.

Ursolic Acid Based Medication?

That could mean that drug companies will one day develop ursolic acid based medications to treat obesity. Those medications would be particularly effective for helping middle-aged people and seniors as they lose muscle mass as they get older.

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