Can Rhinoplasty Correct Breathing Problems?

A nose job could improve your breathing significantly. Sounds surprising? Well, rhinoplasty has become very common nowadays and if you are diligent in your research you would see that every second person in your block has already had it done. Now, it is the peculiar nature of humankind to look for benefits in procedures and practices that become increasingly popular with the common masses (irrespective of whether or not it is absolutely necessary) and this time we are going to take a look at the benefits offered by rhinoplasty. Well, of course the aesthetic effects are there, but we do know that a nose job could actually improve your breathing?

Unlike just a couple of years back, rhinoplasty is no longer considered a taboo in major parts of the United States. Earlier, it was thought that it was a very risky procedure and very few people have had the courage to go for it. Things have changed drastically now – rhinoplasty is now the third most popular cosmetic surgery procedure across the United States and it is immensely popular with adolescents and young adults.

Even though this branch of surgery has become an industry in itself, the leading cosmetic surgeons don’t hesitate to admit that it is not the most difficult procedures out there and some of them even don’t attempt to do it because of the fear of not being able to do it with perfect precision and creating an array of complications. However, there are others who have mastered the art and are catering to the huge demand out there.

What many people do not realize is rhinoplasty is significantly different from other forms of plastic surgeries because of the aesthetic importance of the nose, the technical challenges that a surgeon has to face during the surgery and also the complex functioning of the organ. But then, when there is a demand out there, it needs to be fulfilled and the plastic surgery clinics have mastered the art over the last couple of years.

Most of the cases people decide to opt for a rhinoplasty surgery because they are not happy with the nose that were born with, but in many cases people also decide to go for the surgery because they have difficulty in breathing and had problems associated with nasal obstruction. A perfectly done rhinoplasty surgery can solve all these problems.

There are actually different kinds of rhinoplasty plastic surgeries to address different issues. As far as the nose is concerned, form and function are closely linked with each other and that’s the reason why many people suffer from breathing difficulties after a nose job. However, of late, new techniques have been developed and they are specifically used in customer complains about a breathing problem because of anatomical disparities in the nasal structure.

In many cases the very cause of nasal obstruction is an unwanted curvature of the Septum, oversized turbinates and deformed middle vault. However, whatever the reason, a rhinoplasty surgery can ensure that there is nothing standing between the lungs and the outside air. However, it is a good idea if the patient brings along a couple of magazine pictures and also talks to the doctor in detail about his or her expectations (aesthetic) from the surgery. By doing that you would be able to make sure that the end product fits your face perfectly and you also do not have any difficulty in breathing.

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This post has been written by Jessica Palin. Jessica has been writing for plastic surgery Atlanta  for few years now and frequently researches and writes in magazines and e-zines to increase awareness about different plastic surgery and antiaging procedures.

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Jessica is a freelance writer with medical background and having a special interest in cosmetic procedures niche. She likes to explore remarkable inventions and trends which come up in plastic-cosmetic surgery circle.

2 thoughts on “Can Rhinoplasty Correct Breathing Problems?

  • September 23, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    Just like you said, rhinoplasty is becoming a common procedure performed worldwide. Not only altering the appearance, it has a lot of health benefits. Thanks a lot for your post. Keep on blogging.

  • September 10, 2012 at 2:25 am

    People generally has misconceptions about rhinoplasty-that it is done only to have a more attractive nose. Although that is the most popular reason as to why people wants to have a nose job, they undermine the fact that it is also done to breath better and for reconstructive purposes too. Rhinoplasty is not only for the rich but it is actually for everyone, that is why, we should view as only for someone who WANTS it; but more so, for people who NEEDS it as well.


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