Cell Phones and Cancer: An International Cover Up or an Incitement of Mass Hysteria?

Although the debate regarding cell phones and brain tumors has been raging since the devices became prevalent in the 90s, recent revelations in its proponents’ partiality has done little to convince any believers otherwise. Back in May, the results of the long-awaited, decade long international Interphone study were released, proving to be as inconclusive as we all thought it would be, equivocally stating that “the possible effects of long-term heavy use of mobile phones require further investigation.” It doesn’t help that the study was funded by the Mobile Manufacturers’ Forums (an international association of telecom manufacturers) and the GSM Association (a manufacturer of mobile phones).

Most of the studies that have found a connection between cell phones and cancer have been too small to be heard over the larger, more heavily funded studies. Take for instance, Dr. George Carlo, who was hired to head a $28 million research program. Apparently he didn’t get the memo, since he was fired shortly after he released a statement announcing that there was an evident connection between brain cancer deaths and cell phones. A group of scientists for the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC, came forward last month with a list of scientists that they accused of being biased by being previously long-term employees of Motorola and other cell phone manufacturers.

Regardless of whether you believe there is an international cover up going on, or whether mobile phone companies are simply avoiding any mass hysteria, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Try to avoid sleeping next to your phone, and keep the phone at least one inch away from your ear at all times. Even if the phone is turned off, the electrical fields dissipate quickly, but the magnetic fields are not only the ones that have been linked to cancer, but take much longer to dissipate. Using the speaker phone or your blue tooth as much as possible will also help reduce your exposure from the radiation, as well as make it easier to talk while you’re driving without getting a ticket.

Also, wearing earrings can actually put you more at risk. The metal can actually retain the magnetic field, prolonging your exposure to the radiation even after you’ve put the phone down. This holds true for other pieces of jewelry as well. For instance, wearing a metal watch with a internet satellite dish nearby will conduct the magnetic fields along your acupuncture meridians, which are known to make you more susceptible to cancer if subjected to prolonged exposure.

Although the cell phone companies’ constant pressure on research groups definitely does not look good, it still is not proof there is in fact no causal relationship between cell phones and cancer. But hey, there must be something to it if they’re spending this much money stopping the truth from getting out, right?


Eric Hirota is a personal trainer at LAVA Sport & Fitness in San Diego, CA. Aside from nutrition and exercise, writing and web design are his main passions in life.

One thought on “Cell Phones and Cancer: An International Cover Up or an Incitement of Mass Hysteria?

  • July 16, 2011 at 8:50 am

    In India the Government has officially accepted that cellphones can cause cancer after study report published bu ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research) and it is now official.
    Although how much is the risk is till debatable.


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