Heal Your Inner Self with Chakra Healing Meditation?

The ancient chakra healing is in vogue again. For those looking for tips pertaining to Chakra healing meditation, continue reading to find out how it can impact your wellbeing.  Surprisingly, it is back at a time when our days start with mobile phone alarms and end with our social network updates, when work is what we live for, and stress, strained relationships, emotional ‘emptiness’ and health issues become the norm.

Very soon, we all realize we don’t have much help, no more doctors can release stress and no ‘expert’ can ease the pain. But somehow, none of us look within to find the cure.

If we go back in time, for over centuries now, the Eastern cultures focus on healing the inner self. The technique known as chakra healing is nothing beyond harnessing the body’s natural energy forces. To put it simply, chakras are spinning disks or wheels of life energy. All the weakness, both physical and emotional, is believed to be healed by the energy field around and within our body.

Chakras help the universal energy to come together in a cyclic, circular motion and unlike most modern-day remedies, the focus of this form of healing is to basically revitalize your life, inside out.

Chakra Healing Meditation | 7 Chakras

Chakra Healing Meditation?

Most of us, the modern world people, find chakra healing a mystery, unsolved. However, it’s a process that works on a simple logic to try to maintain the balance and harmony in your life and hence, relaxes your body, thereby, strengthening emotions.

The 3 way process to chakra healing starts with understanding, then nurturing and lastly, mastering your Chakras. This healing is only a process to help you be a conscious creator of one’s life rather than creating your life subconsciously.

Step 1

Understand the Life Force and Chakras:

The chakra is no hocus-pocus! Chakras are axis points on our body that pull in the nature’s energy. Literally, chakra, a Sanskrit word means a sphere of man’s aural energy. There are 7 main energy axis that travel from the top of your head all the way to the end of the spine.

These seven chakras are — solar plexus, chakra of the heart, sex chakra, chakra of the throat, chakra of the brow, and the crown chakra. These particular points help take in energy from the people and transmit it, there by helping us heal mentally, physically and emotionally.

Step 2

Nurture Chakra Healing as a Way of Life:

Chakras are nothing but the gatekeepers to your subconscious. Contrary to the kind of life we lead these days, chakra healing is a way to recognize what feeds our body’s energy and what takes it away. The core rationale of the chakra healing is to do away with obstructions that hide the purpose to our life.

For example, use visualizations and affirmations to achieve your goals, as they can push the energy around towards the working of the 6th Chakra or the powerful Third Eye.

Step 3:

Believe, in yourself, the universe’s energy and the fact that it is only you who has the power to direct the energy, heal your body, mind, and life, eliminating all blockages!

As a work at home mom Sandra Wade tried chakra healing and learnt about the beauty of life. She is enchanted by the mystical energies of the Universe. Besides she also writes reviews on diet pills like proactol for a living.


Sandra Wade

As a work at home mom Sandra Wade is passionate about health and fitness. She often blogs on these subjects. She also writes reviews about diet pills like proactol that helps in weight loss.

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  • November 27, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    I have heard about chakras, however I didn’t. Thank you for giving me the complete overview of Chakras in short.

  • November 24, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Chakra healing not only cures the inner self, it also heals one’s outer self as well!


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