How to Choose the Best Breakfast Cereal

There are approximately 1,743,245,943 different alternatives and options when we talk about breakfast cereals. And when we zone in on the healthier breakfast cereal options, it is critical for you to note that it helps to have some guidelines and pointers in order for you to be able to choose the best cereal to suit your needs and wants.

Do not forget to check the labels.

Even if you feel that you don’t have all the time in the world, invest some time in making sure that you read the labels. Make sure that when you purchase your cereal, you check out the ingredients. There’s a loud and clear difference when you see whole grain listed first before the sugar. It is also essential to be aware of reputable brands and manufacturers.

As a side note, be very careful in choosing cereals especially if you suffer from food allergies.

Always take into account what the label actually says.

By now, you might already know the rule of thumb when it comes to calculating your calorie intake from sugar. To calculate, you need to identify the sugar in your cereal. Usually, this is qualified per gram. You also have to know the total number of calories in your cereal.  Multiply those sugar grams by four (since there are 4 calories per one gram of sugar). Aftersuch, divide your product by the total number of calories. The resulting figure would have to be multiplied by 100.

The product would then be the percentage of calories in that particular serving of cereal that is coming from the sugar. Now, if that number has greater value than 25, you are looking at the wrong cereal. If you it is below 25, then, you are on your way to finding the best cereal for you.

For example, I have a promising cereal with 20 grams of sugar in my serving. I am looking at the overall calories pegged at 150. So, 20 multiplied by 4 is equal to 80. And, 80/150 is 0.53. Multiply 0.53 by 100 and the resulting product is 53%. Clearly, this is way above what should be and so you’ll have to search for a new product.

Try not to be convinced with the appearance of the product.

Cereal manufacturers use colorful caricatures and cartoons to sell cereal to children – and you’re not a child – and as an adult, you should be more discerning. Do not always think that the front cover of a cereal already says it all. This would also mean that as buyers, you should be able to see that while a product may appear healthy, you should always be guided by the nutritional and ingredients label.

What exactly is a serving?

Check out the product and see for yourself what one serving really means. You might end up surprised noticing that you have poured not double, not triple but quadruple the amount of one serving. Now, that’s not exactly healthy!

Consider fiber.

As we all know, fiber is that important thing when we want to perform at our best capacity. Imagine a day without going to the comfort room to relieve yourself? Remember your last bout of constipation? Regardless, check that your cereal contains fiber to help you in better elimination.

Go organic.

Go organic! Need we explain more?

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