How to Choose a Drug Rehab Treatment Center

While most drug addicts are reluctant to seek treatment for their addiction and break free from it, there are some who wish to come back to the normal life but are unable to…simply because overcoming drug addiction is extremely difficult. However, they must not lose their will power because with patience and proper treatment obtained at a quality drug rehab center, a healthy life is possible.

However, finding out the right addiction treatment center is not an easy task and can make one go through a lot of difficulties if not done in the right way.

The first thing that you need to understand is that there are two basic types of treatment modes – inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Inpatient treatment centers will allow patients to stay at the center for 24 hours a day, focusing solely on their recovery. Depending on what his or her condition is, patients may need to stay at the center for 30 – 90 days. This treatment type is highly effective in curing drug addiction. On the other hand, outpatient treatment mode allows the patients to access clinical treatment and counseling by continuing to live at their homes while undergoing treatment at the same time. You must however remember that whether you need to avail inpatient or outpatient treatment type will be best decided by the doctor.


Drug rehab centers offering inpatient treatment program specifically focus on the individual needs of the patient. Most of the inpatient rehab programs start with detoxification. It is during this process that the patient’s body is cleansed of all the harmful toxics that had accumulated inside the body as a result of the continuous substance abuse. After a patient has successfully undergone detoxification, he is given medication accordingly. However, not every patient may require detoxification. It is only given to patients in whom addiction has taken a severe form. This is followed by group therapy, individual counseling sessions and other complementary activities that help the patient is coming back to a healthy life.

Inpatient treatment programs are carried out in residential styled rehab centers where programs types many vary depending upon the requirement of the program. Holistic programs form an integral part of inpatient treatment approach. Holistic approach will include yoga, meditation, exercises etc. There are teen rehab programs that focus on bringing back addicted teens to a normal life. There also exist religious rehab programs that treat patients with the help of different religious philosophies. Keeping in mind, the various difficulties in treatment that men and women face, there are gender specific rehab programs as well.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs too vary. Before the program begins, the patient will be required to meet with a counselor who will assess his physical and mental health conditions, depending on which the best type of program will be chosen for the patient. There is no fixed time duration for outpatient programs as well. While some patients will need to stay at the center for about one to two hours, others may need to be there for as long as eight hours.

Treatment practices in outpatient treatment center are quite similar to that of inpatient care programs. Both use methods such as individual and group therapy, counseling sessions and life skills workshops. You cannot simply choose one to be more effective and view the other as less important. Both are unique in their own ways and are given to patients as per their psychological and physical requirements.

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