How to Chooose Quality Exercise Equipement?

It seems like every day there’s new exercise equipment being invented. We can see ads of exercise equipment everywhere. They are on the home TV shopping channel. They are on magazines and newspapers. And now, they are on the Internet. It makes you wonder if any of this exercise equipment is effective.

One thing is for sure though… Exercise equipment sells which makes it a HUGELY profitable health and fitness industry.  After all, it goes without saying that  it wouldn’t be made if consumers weren’t buying these gagets.  Consumers gravitate to the latest trend in fitness equipment like flies to honey.   When it comes to things that claim to help people lose weight, consumers can’t wait to pull out their credit cards.

Tips to Choose Quality Exercise Equipment


We should admonish ourselves with respect to products that overly hyped though.  In fact,  much of the products on the market are sold on nothing but hype.  When was the last time you busted out your Shake Weight or Thigh Master? Marketing companies make unrealistic and misleading promises to sell junk. They make promises such as helping you lose weight in just minutes a day or you will lose 20 pounds in a week or that they will give you the body of supermodel.  Promises that they really cannot fulfill.  In most cases, the only weight you’ll lose is a fist full of cash.

Does this mean that all of the exercise equipment being advertised on TV doesn’t work? Of course not. Fact is, maybe most of them do work but not just as effectively as their advertising would lead you to believe. So the trick is not to buy exercise equipment based on hype alone. It is important that you do some research first before you make a purchase unless your priority is burning cash not calories.

Quality Exercise Equipment

Despite the negative image misleading products advertised on TV have created,  there are still many quality exercise products available.  To find them though, you need to do some research work.

One of the things that you can do is to talk to qualified individuals such as fitness experts and people who have been working out for a long time. Then there is equipment that is already tried and tested. The treadmill to start with, for example. One can only do so much to improve a treadmill. It’s basic design have been proven effective already. And that is the reason why it is a staple in many gyms. Other gym equipment that has passed the test of time already are the stationary bike, the elliptical machine and the Needak mini trampoline.

Small Gym Equipment, Big Results

It is also important to include in this discussion the small gym equipment that we encounter. Like their big counterparts, many of these equipment are quite useful but some are downright forgettable. Many would agree that the medicine ball is one piece of gym equipment that is very useful. Very few would also argue about the effectiveness of the jumping rope as a cardio equipment. There are also equipment that are really essential to the activity they are designed for.  A good example is the yoga mat. A yoga mat makes it convenient for many people to practice yoga.

In choosing exercise equipment do not be carried away by hype. Stick to established gym equipment if you want real results.


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