Clean Eating 101

Do you feel sick and tired?

Sure, it’s easy to feel fed up with the economy or your inconsiderate neighbor. But how do you feel physically?

If you’re ready to feel better inside and out, consider clean eating. Clean eating removes chemicals, additives, saturated fats and processed foods from your diet. It promotes wholesome eating that’s filled with natural food choices. Discover several foods, beverages and techniques that allow you to eat clean and live healthy.

Whole grains

Unprocessed and complete, whole grains remain essential for clean eaters. Brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa and other whole grains provide necessary and pure nutrition. Although popular at mealtime, white rice is a refined carboyhydrate that has fewer nutrients than whole grains. The body treats these carbohydrates like sugar rather than energy, which means the body turns them into fat instead of fuel.

Lean meats

Lean meats like beef, turkey, chicken, pork and fish include pure protein. Whenever possible, buy meat from a local organic farm or wild-caught seafood market. Ask the butcher to prepare the meat any way you want, including filleted or ground.

Nuts, beans and seeds

Harvested from plants, nuts, beans and seeds are naturally clean foods that provide pure nutrition with a variety of health benefits, including being a good way to increase protein, fiber and iron in your diet. Include these clean foods in your lunch bag as a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up, in brown rice dishes or as a meal supplement.

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh foods right from the field taste better and include more nutrients than processed choices. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible. When fresh choices are unavailable or out of season, eat frozen instead of canned selections. You can also juice fruit and veggies for satisfying beverages. With every meal, take advantage of the nutrients and pureness of naturally sweet foods that will soothe your sweet tooth and treat your body better than high-calorie desserts.

Clean drinking

When eating a clean diet, it’s important to stay hydrated with plenty of beverages throughout the day. Two of your best choices are organic tea and water. Pure and cleansing, green tea reduces cholesterol, cancer and has been used for centuries as medicine in China. Consume water throughout the day to regulate your body temperature, flush out waste and protect your internal organs.

Tips for implementing a clean eating lifestyle

If you’re new to clean eating, start by researching the foods you eat. Before buying groceries, look at the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce them, the food isn’t clean. You can also try to eat foods with less than six ingredients. Eat only when your body tells you it’s hungry, whether that’s three times or six times a day. Listen to your body. You’re unlikely to overeat if you obey your body’s cues. Instead of counting calories, focus on the quality of the food. If it’s unprocessed, pure and fresh, you can eat it guilt-free.

Clean eating returns your diet to its purest form. With the absence of artificial ingredients and processed preparation, you can consume all-natural and pure foods and beverages. If you’re ready to find more energy and feel better physically, start a clean eating diet today.

Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone is health blogger at and he focuses primarily on the benefits of exercise and nutrition for health.

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