Cleopatra’s Secret for Fabulous Skin

How do you think the enormously depicted beautiful human creation on earth known as Cleopatra had the great striking beauty? There were various claims about the secrets behind her striking beauty. The secret behind her flawless skin was those things which we use in our day-to-day life. She used apple cider, honey, ginger, antimony, onions and many more. To achieve the secrets of Queen Cleopatra A perfect skin is affected with what you eat.

A good food is a must not only for a perfect skin but also to maintain weight and for healthy wellbeing. A combination of various foods can also complete your nutrition chart and do not cause any deficiency of essential vitamins in the body. Having a fabulous skin tone with suppleness and younger looking touch then what else would you wish for. Fruits packs have been used since ancient times by women to enhance their beauty with the natural essence found in the fruits.


By merely crushing the fruit into paste and applying it as a mask is more than enough for the natural ingredients your seep inside your skin pores to penetrate deeper to add a glow to your skin. Fruits like papaya, cucumber, tomato were very much popular that were used as astringent and for getting fair skin. A right massage of the fruit pack can help you get rid of the oily skin as the Ph levels of the fruit neutralizes the ph level in the skin so that you get a new radiance and glow to your skin. A perfect skin free from acne, pimples, dark spots and others require maintenance and a good combination of foods.

You do not need an tretinoin cream or anti aging cream for acne cure treatment. Grapes are an excellent source of vitamin C i.e. citric acid. The acidic content of the grapes help in the production of collagen and is a natural anti oxidant. As a natural treatment for lightening black spots and scars the juicy fruits can be used as a face mask that can make you skin supple and soft.  If you are troubled with sunburns, just apply tomato paste and see how the free radical treat skin cell damage. The red berries, namely the juicy strawberries are also a good source of vitamin c. The strawberry has excellent anti aging properties that helps to prevent early aging. If you include some foods such as spinach, sweet potatoes, guava and kiwi fruits can turn out are a secret for a fabulous skin tone.

Paste of avocado is a great secret for smoothing dry skin and giving suppleness on the skin. You can add cocoa butter for your beauty secret which is an excellent recipe to give a natural glow to your skin. The delicate chocolate excellently helps to impart smoothness to the skin. As an anti aging treatment applying yoghurt will help as it has lactic acid that helps to regenerate collagen to treatment wrinkles and fine lines.  Having skin care options at home then there is no need for switching for harmful cosmetics to enhance your beauty. The natural ingredient itself is enough to ensure a natural enhancement to your beauty.


michell greg a physician and surgeon.

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    Do you know what? Even wood ash is good for the skin! Wood ash, sieved to remove large particles, is dissolved in water and then rubbed on the skin and left to dry before going to bed at night. Wash in the morning and in the next 7 days of continuous application check out your skin and you’ll see a glowing, supple and attractive skin smiling back at you! Pure clay is used also but it could be messy, but it is good also!


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